Saturday, December 31, 2011

With 2012 On the Verge

Recently, when I’ve spoken and written about fear, I’ve gotten the most responses.  The topic of fear strikes a chord in many people.  It certainly strikes me between the eyes.  I’ve come to hate and not affirm it as an unavoidable necessity of life by which I justify fight or flight.

With 2012 on the verge, it’s not a resolution I make.  It’s a declaration I proclaim.  I will not allow fear to be a motivating factor in my decisions and actions.  I say this in faith based on what I’ve heard recently from prophets who are sharing what they believe God is saying to the church as 2011 fades.

Arleen Westerhof has said this:

As we get ready to move into 2012 it's already clear that it's going to be an important year for the Church. God, through His Holy Spirit, is saying: "SHIFT! The new is here. The season of the outpouring of My Spirit has begun. The prophets have been prophesying this for many years, and, ready or not, it's here.”

The past five to seven years have been a very uncomfortable time for many churches and individual Believers. The ground under our feet has shifted, and we have struggled to discern the new thing that God is doing. In 2012 the fog is going to clear. . .

Relational allegiances, some of them long-standing, will shift as people move out of places with an inward-looking orientation to places with a Kingdom emphasis. This will be a deliverance for many. There will be an acceleration in relationships cutting across network and denominational lines as more and more people choose to resolve their conflicts and misunderstandings for the sake of the Kingdom. . .

Fear of change, however, will paralyze many. Having tasted, they will make the opposite shift, preferring the wilderness to the new and often unknown challenges of moving into and taking the land. We cannot, however, afford to choose this option. The revival we've waited for has started and going back into the wilderness will only result in it passing us by – yet again. . .

2012 will mark the beginning of the Church's finest hour. While the world sinks into panic as the economic crisis worsens globally and great societal unrest is unleashed, the Church . . . will shine and finally be able to walk in the Kingdom authority and power that God has always intended.

Arleen Westerhof

Netherlands Prophetic Council

I want to take my part in the shift, the outpouring in the face of fear and doubt.  Join with me in prayer & faith and comment to let me know of your trust in God so that we can join together in praise for what God is about to do in the lives of many.  Alleluia!

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  1. Fear is a huge, dark, ugly thing. Trust in God is our only weapon against it. Fortunately, God is bigger, lighter & more beautiful than everything, even fear...