Thursday, January 19, 2012

They Booed Ron Paul

At this point, it’s probably been written about a lot on blogs and columns around the country.  I’ve only seen it mentioned once and that was on The Daily Show, but it’s my turn.

At a recent debate among the Republican presidential candidates gathered in South Carolina, Ron Paul talked about our country’s foreign policy.  He said that maybe we should adopt a Golden Rule policy – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Before he finished his thought, the boos rained down from the audience and practically drowned out the candidate’s voice.  With that, if I were Congressman Paul, I would have thought and maybe said, “Alright!  It’s on now!”

Paul tapped a vain and, with it, a nerve.  Paul quoted Luke 6: 31.  I’ve always thought, idealistically, obviously, that our principles as a country were grounded in divine revelation.  So, it’s interesting to hear a candidate for the highest office in the land quoting scripture as a means to propose a change in foreign policy – how we treat other people in the world – get booed and suddenly become a irrelevant candidate in one evening in South Carolina.

Good for Ron Paul.  I agree with him on this point.  It certainly would save our human and monetary resources in this country to not go into senseless wars and kill brown people readily.  Most importantly for me, the word of God trumps all other political rhetoric when it’s a means to convict those in power to change the way they think and act.

What are the principles this country stands on and is willing to defend?  Many folks all along the waterfront would have a small list of answers consistent regardless of their party affiliation.  How many of them would have booed Ron Paul that night?  I would have clapped and cheered.  

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  1. Such a response from a crowd that is representative of our society should jar any of us into an awareness of our condition. Any remaining assumptions that American culture is still mostly functioning under a Judeo-Christian moral code can be set aside. The "common knowledge" that Americans once shared is no longer that. "For such a time as this" God is calling us to be set-apart, stand-outs, different, peculiar. An hour a week of church won't provide the footing that we need to be faithful in the coming days.