Friday, February 3, 2012

Tuesday Night 01-31-12

We’re having what we’re calling Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting weekly in our sanctuary at Hewett.  April and I felt the calling to have weekly prayer services in August.  We did, and the response was good.  Our mutual calling did not include continuing the services beyond August, so we stopped the services.  Folks were disappointed we stopped leading those services, but we said we’ll see what the future holds.

Last Tuesday, 26 of us met together, sang praises and prayed.  In our time of prayer, April encouraged us to listen for what the Lord may say to us so we might share with others what the will of God might be that night.  A few came forward for prayer.  Souls and bodies were touched by the presence of God.  It was the presence of God among us that made the time together rich.  There was faith, hope and love among us.  Expectations grow among us as we come together to seek the More of God.

Our hope as a people is not grounded in memories of past work or projects together.  Our hope as a congregation on Sand Mountain is grounded in the presence of God among us as we seek Him together.  For when He comes, He comes to bless and save and heal.  We need Him.  We God more now than ever, and there is more to receive.

Our Tuesday evenings will continue in the sanctuary.  I pray that we continue to seek His presence and power for the sake of all who attend.  Without the Presence, we gather for no reason.  

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