Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fifty-six Cents

I like it when the Lord speaks in ways that cannot be compared to any other voice or medium.  Our God is great God.

I also like it when I find money. While cleaning the old parsonage we’re moving from, I found 56 cents.  Before supper, I was changing clothes and remembered the change in my pants pocket, and the day this summer the Lord said to me to give a specific amount at a Randy Clark conference in the offering.  It was $56.  I remember seeing the figure in my soul and knew it was God speaking to me.  When I recalled that, I was struck emotionally.

This summer, the Lord inspired me to read Isaiah 56.  In it the Lord speaks of securing covenant with foreigners & eunuchs who seek the Lord.  The eunuchs will have monuments in the temple and a name better than sons and daughters.  The foreigners will be brought into God’s house of prayer, and their sacrifices will be acceptable. This is what our anointing and calling has become for us.  We are very excited about what our days look like in the near future. 

56 is a powerful reference to that which will happen that will secure the religious and cultural and political and racially separated to the God of Israel and his Christ.  The 56 cents was a reminder to me of what will and is happening in our midst. 

Be attentive to how the Lord is and will speak to you in the days ahead.  God may simply remind you of what was promised or it may be a brand, new word.  Isn’t that exciting?  By the way, count your change.

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