Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Path From Egypt

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119: 105)”

April had a dream recently.  She and I were walking on a bridge. We were carrying our oldest.  He was an infant in a baby carrier.  We were also accompanied by another family member who in past dreams represented the institutional church.  At the point that we had finishing crossing the bridge, April looked back and saw me helping the other family member walk along.  She looked passed us wondering where the baby was.  She saw him in the carrier behind us fussing and thrashing about trying to get out of it.  She told me, “Go get him.”  I stopped and looked at her.  She said it again more emphatically, “Go get him!”  I left the other family member and went after our son.

I knew what it was all about when she told me about the dream.  I’m slow afoot lately.  I’m expressing reluctance about going forward with what God has inspired both of us to go for.  In weak moments I’m posing the option of returning to our former way of life and ministry in the institutional church as a means of security; not as a means of following the calling of the Spirit in ministry.  That’s me caring for the slow going family member and leaving our infant, the fledgling ministry and newly embraced identity, behind.

Months ago I sensed a new understanding of what the institutional church was for us.  I believed it served as a kind of Egypt for us for a long time.  Egypt was a secure place for the patriarchs in the Old Testament when they needed protection, but then became slavery.  Then in the fullness of time, God heard the cries of the Hebrews in bondage and raised Moses up to bring his people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.  April and I were told prophetically 3 ½ years ago that we were moving out of Egypt and heading to the Promised Land.  That thrilled us.  We didn’t know what it meant, but it thrilled us.   We know what it means now.

April’s recent dream echoes for me the Hebrews wanting to return to Egypt (with me being the one abandoning the new life and vision for the sake of sticking with the old ways).  Again, as I said, in weak moments I’ve sounded like the Hebrews wanting to return to the flesh bots of Egypt because it would be more secure than walking in the wilderness, not knowing where we were headed.  God, forgive me.

“Your word is a lamp to me feet and a light to my path.” 

Feet and path denote for me walking and setting out on a journey of faith.  God’s word for us has been and continues to be a lamp & light, a guidance system.  The Word has been and will be our security.  God’s revelation to us will give us guidance as we journey the path he’s set for us and others in these days. 

I am human, but this is not an excuse to abandon the Way set before us, or, more pointedly, to return to Egypt for the sake of supposed security.  The Lamp and the Light will provide all the guidance we may need for these days. 

Great God, you are the source of our being and the life we crave.  We trust you.  You are our refuge and our fortress, my God in whom we trust.  Provide for us all we need so that we will always be position to bless your world which you love, and to declare your will boldly over this nation so that many will taste and see how outrageously good you are.  You are worthy of all praise. In Christ’s name, Amen.

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