Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Worth Remembering

The most insidious diseases of our time are those that affect and infect the brain, and most directly, the memory.  My mother was stolen from me, from my brother & sister, my father and their grandchildren by the strokes that emanated from Alzheimer’s disease.  I hate that disease.  I don’t hate those afflicted by it, but I hate, loath entirely, Alzheimer’s disease because what Paul Simon wrote many years ago is true for many – Memories, they’re all that’s left you.  

We must remember so much of what can easily be attributed to the grace of God in our lives.  We must remember those answers to prayer & surprises & gifts & experiences of mercy and kindness from a good Father who loves us dearly.  We must remember.

There is a lot in scripture that speaks of the power of remembering what God has revealed and done.  There are many directions to go in writing about such.  Recently, however, I read from Psalm 105, in a verse and a half portion, a reminder to me to recollect intentionally, 

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually.  Remember the wonderful works he has done . . .  – Psalm 105: 4-5a

I suppose you could blog a good bit about seeking the Lord and all that he is and has done.  This verse, however, speaks to me of seeking the Lord continually by first remembering God’s wonderful works.  This is what I want to convey today.

I will remember God’s wonderful works.  The same day I read Psalm 105, I read from Luke 5 about Jesus telling Peter to push out from shore for a catch.  Reluctantly, he did and found his nets bursting with fish.  We would tell our kids when they were younger when we were about to go on a family outing, especially if they were unwilling to go, that we’re going together to make a memory.  Jesus made a memory with Peter and his family and co-workers and all of us who have read and know and remember this story.  Remember the wonderful works he has done.

I will remember your wonderful works, O God.  Your presence comes among us on Wednesday evenings (Wednesday Night Praise, 8706 US Hwy 431, Albertville – see our Facebook page, Safe Harbor of Albertville) and your presence came among us on Tuesday nights in August, 2011.  As we prayed, your Spirit came among us.  There were prophetic utterances and declarations regarding the days we now live in, and it’s worth remembering.

I remember your works in your Spirit coming upon me as I interceded for the church and the community.  As I prayed, I saw in the Spirit rows & rows of Boy Scout tents set up in the field behind the church which I pastored.   Scores and scores of people were there who didn’t want to leave and miss worship and testimonies and intercession and miracles happening in the fellowship hall.  I remember your wonderful deeds in giving visions to two other people who saw scores of people in the same field and so many in the parking lot and field that they couldn’t get in the full fellowship hall for worship.  I remember, so I will seek you and your strength and your presence continually.

Daddy, I remember the healing of a child’s skull and women with cancer and back problems and memories of abuse and arrant decisions that brought shame and guilt.  I remember your wonderful works of being overcome by your gracious Spirit through experiences of worship and the laying on of hands and falling down due to the weight of divine glory.  I remember friends and family giving freely and lovingly gifts and offerings because they were moved by faithfulness affirmed and lived out.  I remember, and your strength and presence is what we long for.

Sister and brother, what wonderful works of the Lord do you remember?  You must intentionally record these works for you to remember in your future and never forget.  Not forgetting, but remembering, is a key to seeking the Lord and his strength and his presence in the days ahead.  You will need to be familiar with his presence and strength for the days ahead of you. 

I remember, so I will seek the Lord only to find him afresh.  Alleluia!

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