Thursday, April 4, 2013

Surrender All Resistance (Part 1)

I remember some of the great black & white movies of the past.  On occasion, I go to Turner Classic Movies on cable to see what classic might be playing and in what color combination.

One of my favorites is Sergeant York with Gary Cooper in the lead playing a reluctant doughboy ultimately shipped off to Europe to fight the Huns in WWI.  The movie turns when York becomes the hero by bringing scores of German soldiers across the lines as prisoners of war.  The firing ceases on the battlefield when the Germans surrender to York and his few comrades.  Scores of them raise their hands in surrender scene after scene.  He’s an agent of American victory, not be bringing about carnage, but by bringing the enemy to surrender.

I’ve been reading the fourteenth chapter of John these days.  There is something that has leaped from the pages as I’ve read.  First, Jesus tells his friends of the unity of the Father and the Son and any that believe.  Second, personally, I sensed the call to surrender all resistance so that the God-head, the trinity, would have its will done in and through me.  I just feel that Jesus wanted his friends to know of this unity more than anything else in the upper room prior top his arrest.

Jesus begins to paint the picture of the oneness of the Son & the Father.  If you believe in the Father, you’ll believe in me.  If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.  The Father who dwells in the Son does the work.  There is no work of Jesus that isn’t the work of the Father.  There isn’t a word from Jesus that isn’t a word from the Father. 

Jesus wanted his friends to know and believe that the relationship between Jesus and the Father was irrevocable and irrefutable.  The Father and I are one.  As the relationship between Jesus and the disciples grows, it grows between the Father and the disciples.  When Jesus returns to the Father, and we do the work in his name, he’ll do whatever we ask (John 14: 12-14).

It’s knowing and trusting that Jesus is in us through the Spirit and the Father also.  The works happen only because the Father & Son flow freely through us.  The impediment to the flow is faith undoubtedly, but, also there is our determination to resist anything that makes us vulnerable in any relationship.

It’s my belief that most marriages that fail stumble upon this reality by one or both of the spouses.  If you allow yourself to be vulnerable in any relationship, you permit yourself to be hurt, and nobody wants to be hurt, but without vulnerability there is no true intimacy.  Without true intimacy, trust and faith are not in play.  Jesus wanted his friends to know that if you trust in the Father, you trust in him.  The Father, Son and Spirit are one because they are intimate with each other and with anyone who trusts in God.  This trust is intimate and leads to vulnerability, like being naked on the cross for the sake of those He loves, and vulnerability on our part will expose to suffering, as well (Rom. 8: 17)

We function with a filter. We believe or know for certain through experience that we must be careful in the potential for relationships.  Jesus doesn’t what his friends to be careful in their relationship with him and the Father.  If we ever surrendered our filter we use to be safe and careful deep within our spirits, if we ever truly trusted God with our very selves and believed that it was alright for us to stand naked before Him without shame or disgrace because we truly knew He loves us for who and what we are (See! This is true faith!), the Father, Son & Spirit will do whatever we ask. 

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