Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yes, Amen, So Be It!

I was praying yesterday, and a thought came to me that was not mine.  “Say, ‘Yes” to that which God has promised.”  The more I thought about that, it turned into “Yes, Amen, So be it!”  So, this is what I say yes to today.

When I heard for the first time Bill Johnson preach in person at New Freedom Church in Webb, AL, he said one reason he was there was to raise up an army in this region of people who’ve said yes to the things of God in these days.  I then remember joining with others in raising my hands over my head and saying, “Yes” to God.

I’ve written about this before, but it connects with the call-to-say-yes theme today.  I was driving down to Montgomery to pray at the state house at the start of a session of the legislature.  While I drove, I called to mind all the people we’ve met in ministry in Alabama, and where we’ve lived in this state.  I then openly thanked God for these years in ministry and related experiences.  With that, I then heard the Spirit say, “You can have this state if you want it.”  I believe it was the voice of the Lord because it made me laugh and ball like a baby simultaneously.  As I drove and cried, I collected myself and said out loud, “Yes, I’ll take it.”  In recollecting this encounter, I still say out loud, “Yes, I’ll take it.”  In remembering this event while praying, I’ve started requesting in prayer for an anointing to accomplish what the Lord would want me to accomplish in Alabama.

My brother-in-law had an experience while driving up on Sand Mountain in June.  The Lord told him that our ministry on this mountain will be beyond anything we can imagine.  He said it was beyond words to describe.  One recent Sunday morning, a friend of ours was worshiping with us in our house.  She had a visitation with the Lord.  As she lay on the ground, she took me by the hand and told me what the Lord wanted to convey to me that day.  Our ministry on this mountain will be beyond words to describe – beyond anything I could dream or imagine.

This reminds me of what a colleague in ministry told me a couple years ago.  He saw me going up a mountain (already sounds familiar) on a path and then moving off the path.  It was a tougher climb, but I was moving faster up to the summit.  Before I reached it, the satchel I carried was proving to be a burden.  There were things in the bag I might need, but I decided to drop the satchel and leave it behind.  I made it to the summit quicker than I would have if I stayed on the path.  Once there, I sprouted wings and took off to parts unknown.

The question is, “Do you want to be a part of what is to happen and what is happening?”  My answer is, “Yes, amen, so be it!”  In hearing what your destiny could be, do you want to be a part of this?  My answer to my destiny in the Lord is yes!  What about you?

It’s an important prophetic, committed act to say out loud to what is believed to be the voice of God inviting you to step into your destiny, “YES! I WILL!”  Or “YES! I’LL TAKE IT!”  Or “YES!  AMEN!  SO BE IT!” 

The Lord is looking for believers to do more than believe.  The Lord is looking for hearts, minds & spirits to say yes to what the Lord is looking to do in and through a company of committed children of God.  With passion and faith, say yes to what the Lord wants to do in and through you.  Fear not.  He’ll never leave you or forsake you.  You’re too important in God’s plans to advance his Kingdom agenda through you.  Say, “Yes, Amen, So be it!”

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