Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Greater Things

Way back when, in a galaxy far, far away, I was reading from the first chapter of John early one morning.  I read verse 50, and it blew me up.

Jesus said, “You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.” 

The phrase that caught me, blindsided me was, You will see greater things than that.  It made me cry out loud.  Like the Grinch would say, “What’s happening to me?”  I didn’t know what was happening to me.  Now, it’s the matter of understanding the phrase.  Yes, having an encounter is significant.  In fact, we need encounters of the heart with the Lord that will lead us into understanding the will of the Lord in this day.  The encounter I will never forget.  Now, it’s the matter of understanding the phrase.  I will see greater things.

Recently, April and I attended a one-day conference in Atlanta.  One of our new friends said to us he attends these things nowadays not so much for the info but for the anointing that the speakers bring with them.  I spent the rest of the day wanting and praying for the anointing in the room to empower us. 

I wrote about this before, but I’m briefly mentioning it again.  Over a year ago, I was invited to pray in the state house in Montgomery at the opening of a legislative session.  I was honored.  On my way, I was listening to worship music in the car and feeling good.  I started recollecting all the places we’ve lived in Alabama and all the people we’ve met in churches we’ve pastured and encountered in ministry, and I was thankful for these experiences.  At that point, I sensed the voice of the Lord in my heart saying to me, “You can have the state of Alabama if you want it.”  It messed me up like that morning I read John 1: 50.  I said out loud, “Yes, I’ll take it.”  Nowadays, I pray with this story in mind, “Give me the anointing necessary.”   When I heard our friend in Atlanta mention an anointing being available, I had this trip to Montgomery in mind.  Give me the anointing necessary.

I few weeks ago I dreamed I was in my parents’ house in Baltimore.  We were using it as a house church location.  I had a level of anxiety at this point in the dream.  A friend of ours brought a box full of stuff to me.  On top of the stuff was a thick, multi-page form with my name and address at the top of it.  Our friend said to me, “You need to write in the account number from your electric bill in those spaces.”  Someone had attempted, but only a few numbers were written in and a couple numbers were scratched out.  It dawned in me that I knew where to get the account number.  No problem.  “That’s easy,” I thought.  The anxiety left me.

Then I looked in the box again and saw a handful of wrist watches.  I believed that they were all mine at some time.  There was one I was attracted to, and I noticed it was operating while the others had stopped.  In fact, the time was accurate.  It was 10:20.  I told April about this dream the next morning.  She said that the electric bill meant power, and the watch running the accurate time meant now.  Power now.

Years ago in a God encounter in the living room of our parsonage in Scottsboro I was encouraged to believe that greater things are coming and I will see them.  Since then, I have witnessed the healing and deliverance of several people.  I have seen God bring holy encounters to several other people.  I have experienced the Lord’s holy presence in several places and times to confirm all over again I was his beloved child.  It’s been wonderful.

We’re now at a time of courage and sacrifice in ministry that we’ve never experienced before.  It’s wild and sobering.  Few have ever come to the place where God has led us.  Our resources in the natural are few.  Few understand what we’re doing and would prefer defining what we’re doing as a regular church that merely meets in a house for the meantime.  That inaccurately defines what God has called us to do – greater things than this.

We’re now at a time of courage and sacrifice while being prompted to trust the power of God is at hand.  Yes, greater things than this shall be seen.  It’s a wild time to be alive.

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