Friday, June 27, 2014

To Follow God 2

Back in April, I read about the rich, young man in Mark’s version of his encounter with Jesus (Mark 10) and wrote this reflection in my journal.

“Something still had him.  He asked what he must do to have eternal life.  In Jesus’ day before the resurrection (the young man) was to adhere to the current revelation (God had provided).  The rich, young man did, but it didn’t address his own hunger.  Jesus said to transform what still captured him into a blessing (‘Go, sell what you own and give the money to the poor’), and then come follow him.  His wealth had him.  He couldn’t transform the false security into a blessing for many others and follow Jesus as a new security, a new passionate relationship.

“This strikes me.  There’s still some insecurity within me because the insecurity keeps me defensive, and it has to do with money.  I think this guy is insecure. I think I am still to a degree.  I must and will surrender my false security, that which still has a hook in me.  I must be willing to surrender what I value to live out of eternal life.  I must surrender my control over time and money and space in order to be a follower. . .

“Insecurity is reflected in what I believe I need in order to be secure.  In order to be secure as a follower of Christ, I must abandon my ties to what is false security.  Jesus, I want you most!  I will not be secure in money or in justifying my fears and angers. 

“Forgive me, Lord.  I confess my insecurities regarding money, my fears, and my anger.  I will not control what I feel I need to control out of fears related to insecurities.  Great God, I will and do trust you.  My values, what I value, begin with my trust and love in God through Christ.  Alleluia.”

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