Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hidden Treasures

A few days ago we packed our two cars with Anna's stuff she was taking to Auburn.  Yes, our youngest baby started college.  Later that afternoon we got rocked by some financial bad news (let's just say it left us empty in more ways than one).  I went into the bedroom where April and Anna were sitting watching TV.  I told them about the crisis and to pray.   

"Well, Jeff, why didn't you pray?"  I did earlier like this.  "Oh, my God!"   

It felt like another cinder block on top of us.  Oh, God, help!  Ever felt like you couldn't petition or request assistance from a family member or friend or boss anymore because you've already asked too much of them, and it didn't seem to do any good?  That was me.  I asked enough of God.   It was now somebody else's duty to carry the cinder block for a while.  I went to get a shower.   I didn't know what the world would look like afterward. 

April and I scrambled that afternoon calling for and seeking some degree of grace from human sources.  We all reached a place of calm about supper time.  The three of us ate, and, afterward Anna shared a dream she had during an afternoon nap.  While her parents scrambled, she went to her room, listened to praise & worship music and dozed off.  She dreamed the three of us stood in an empty parking lot.  A penny fell from heaven, and I caught it.  Written on the penny was the word storage.  I said the empty parking lot might signify ministries that have left because cars often symbolize ministries or callings.  The ministries that we've all participated in or led have gone but are now in storage, kept safe.   

The penny was interesting to me.  Years ago, I led a group of folks from a church I pastored to a conference.   A few days before we left, I had a thought out of the blue as I was praying and reading some scripture.  The though was about pennies being treasure.  Don't ignore pennies because they can be treasure.  As we were driving to the conference in North Carolina, a member of my church called me.  She said she dreamed the Lord told her to tell me we'll be bringing home treasure.  All of that was pretty cool. 

We were thinking collectively about the dream.  Anna looked up on her smart phone the biblical meaning of storage.  In some bible dictionary online, the Hebrew or Greek meaning, I can't recall which, of storage was hidden treasure.  April then said Isaiah 45:3 kept coming to her that week.  Anna looked it up and fell apart in joy.  It read, "I will give you hidden treasures and riches in hidden places, so that you may know that I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name."   In the midst of her emotion, she said she knew now this dream was from God.  All three of us then affirmed together that hidden treasures are coming to us now! 

The night before, Anna dreamed she asked me how much money we had in the bank.  I said $6015.  She said there was no reason to worry.  It's interesting the next day I wished I had $6015.  The numbers mean something more than a dollar figure.  Our sons and daughters are dreaming dreams. 

Anna's afternoon dream conveys two things for us.  First, hidden treasures are due to come to us, and we claim them in the name of Jesus.  I don't mean to offend.  We believe simply what was passed along to us via Anna's dream in the midst of a very difficult day.  Second, Anna deliberately listening to praise & worship music to still her mind and heart in order to celebrate God above and beyond any difficulty positioned her to perceive the heart of the Father for her and us.   

See, this is our calling.  This is the vision the Father has given us for ministry, to provide an atmosphere to worship God and embrace the holy Presence.  By so doing, the worshipers and those in the atmosphere will encounter God and be blessed by the Presence in healing, revelation, understanding, visions, discernment, conviction, salvation, deliverance, peace, joy and anything else the Father would choose to pour out into the lives of those in his Presence where there's worship and praise.  This is our destiny, and our daughter was a demonstrator in what is to come. 

I walk in our neighborhood in the mornings.  I've found several pennies in these streets this summer. I've also learned, when I find a lost penny to pick up and all day I'll have good luck AND to openly give thanks to God for treasure found.                                               

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