Monday, September 29, 2014


A couple weeks ago I attended worship with April, her brother and his wife at Bethel Atlanta.  We’ve attended worship there several times over the last few years, and we’ve always enjoyed the experience and environment. 

On this particular Sunday, we arrived so early the first worship service was still in session.  The last time we came I noticed Bethel Atlanta began to offer prayer before worship in what they called their prayer rooms.  Where prayer is offered is actually in an isolated area down past the entrance to the sanctuary.  Two people sit with each person requesting prayer.  The person could request prayer for anything, but what this ministry particularly offers is prophetic prayer.  Those praying will offer their spiritual impressions they receive from Holy Spirit to the person.  All four of us went for prayer because we had time before worship.  I received a prophetic word from one woman that I’ve been praying into since that Sunday.  I want what she declared over me to be manifested in my life.  Yesterday I saw a commercial during one of the football games that profoundly struck me because it relates so to this prophetic word.

After we introduced each other, the two of them paused to listen for what the Lord was impressing on them regarding me.  The woman asked me if I was someone who has ideas come to me.  Perhaps I know what to do with them, or perhaps I don’t.  I told her I did (don’t most people?).  She said she felt the impression four or five ideas will come to me like downloads from heaven.  They appeared in her mind like notebooks on a table.  I found that to be pretty cool because I often bring out my past journals to read sections or research what I recorded at particular times in the past.  I have and value what could be construed as notebooks.  She went on to say I should expect these ideas to address current issues and to carry on long into the future.  In fact, these ideas are meant to outlive me, and there will be those who follow who will carry on what was started. 

The projected longevity of these ideas downloaded from heaven reminded me of Psalm 102: 18-22 from The Message translation.  The Lord gave me these verses when we lived in Tuscaloosa 15 years ago while I was on leave from pastoral ministry.  These verses seemed to be the rhema word given to me to rekindle my passion. 

Write this down for the next generation
    so people not yet born will praise God:
God looked out from his high holy place;
    from heaven he surveyed the earth.
He listened to the groans of the doomed,
    he opened the doors of their death cells.”
Write it so the story can be told in Zion,
    so God’s praise will be sung in Jerusalem’s streets
And wherever people gather together
    along with their rulers to worship him.

Initially, God looking down, surveying, listening and setting the captives free awakened my passion for the gospel to be proclaimed again through me.  Last year, it dawned on me with great joy this translation confirmed what I believed the Lord was telling me to do, write.  This recent prophetic word while at this church in the outskirts of Atlanta confirmed the writing was suppose to live on to inspire worship from those not yet born. 

Back to the commercial.  I’ve embedded the link to the commercial for you to view.  It speaks to me of what an idea looks like to most people, but it has to be nurtured and grown to maturity.  “Under proper care, (ideas) become something beautiful.”

I’m excited and full of hope and faith and love for what is to come in this season.  I believe in the prophetic words given to me that morning.  The Lord was speaking.  This commercial may not strike you the same way, but it feels prophetic to me.  Ideas are coming.  Yeah, they may be scary and not many know what to do them, but I’ve been told to be expectant, continue to write what God has said and doing for the sake of the generations to come so God’s praise will be sung in Jerusalem’s streets and wherever people gather together along with their rulers to worship them.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Like Him

This illness does not lead to death; rather it is for God's glory, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it - John 11: 4. 
Lazarus is dead.  For your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe.  But let us go to him - John 11: 14. 

This illness is for God's glory to come and to glorify Jesus through it.  This illness that led to death will lead to the disciples believing afresh.  Alleluia.  Illness and or premature death is not permitted at every turn to bring about God's glory.  Death remains our enemy.  Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and the disciples believed. 
Jesus was a man, truly human, that was totally surrendered to the truth and love of God.  (The ancient affirmation also declares Jesus to be truly God.  Alleluia.  This I also believe in case there's any question.)  This is what a human being looks like sold out to God under the pressures and conditions of this broken world.  Illness does not lead to death, but, rather it is for God's glory.  It does not have the last word in the presence of someone completely engulfed by holy truth, love and the awe that comes from his presence alone.  In fact, as God's glory brings about the turn from defeat to victory, there is that which infects the human heart and mind, soul and spirit to believe.   

An evangelical response to what occurs in the three dimensional world is a faith response that God has come and Jesus is Lord.  Alleluia.  The good news of God in Christ can be trusted .  Look, it's manifested.  He can be trusted.  He can be counted on. I will follow.   

I will follow not only to be a learner and witness but to be like him.  I follow him to see him on the cross.  Look, my nature and my old way of doing things and believing in this world is being crucified.  The penalty for sin is being paid.  I've followed him to the place of his crucifixion and my death, his condemnation for surrendering to will of God and my death as a sinner.  I've followed him to witness God's will being done for my sake.  I've followed to witness what only God can do for me. 

It's the good news of God, and the good news does not stay dead but is raised from the tomb to be glorified utterly.  In this glorified body he tells his learners to stay in Jerusalem until power from on high comes upon them like it did him.   

I follow now as a believer to be like him in this world.  This is the ongoing nature of the good news of God, to be like him, and many will believe in his name.