Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Dream of School

I've heard it said God speaks to us in our dreams because God can't get our attention when we're awake. 

It appears our dream lives have changed.  I shared on my previous post of a dream that restored hope in me.  I'm not sure I could have received all that dream conveyed in my daylight hours.  April dreamed a few nights ago a trio of dreams.  Nocturnal portraits of a robotic enemy that was more cartoon than menace, a depiction of what we endeavored to do by our own ministerial training, and an unveiling of supernatural force by God through us.  These adventures could only have been displayed while sleep permitted April to see what dreams can only show.   

While I prepared to go to bed a few nights ago, someone posted on a Facebook page that provides space to request prayers and any prophetic insight.  A stranger wrote to me, "Your circumstances and your past do not define you and what the devil has dealt you and taken from you the Lord will use to build you and help people through you."  The next morning I read from Joel 2, "In response to his people the Lord said, 'I am sending you grain, wine and oil, and you will be satisfied; and I will no more make you a mockery among the nations (vs. 19).'"  This verse which struck me in my daily reading the next morning echoed what the post spoke - grace grounded satisfaction and the end of attacks on self-esteem. 

In between the post and scripture reading, I dreamed, of course.  What I remember begins with me being a student at a supernatural school of ministry at Bethel in Redding, CA.  The feeling I carried in this dream was like being in college.  I was an underclassman, and there was no changing that.  I didn't expect or receive the respect seniors received or expected.  The school was a very serious place to be.  You were expected to put in the work and not give in or give up.   

The dominant scene I lived out in the dream was in a classroom listening to a lecture/sermon.  The curious thing was I didn't sit in the auditorium.  I sat in a small classroom beside a guy.  We shared a table.  We listened to the lecture through a speaker in the room.  I could see through our door into the auditorium across the hall.  As we listened, I reached around my neighbor to my briefcase on the other side of him to retrieve a pen.  I then retrieved a thin New Testament.  I had my journal already on the table.  I rose from the table, went through the door and stood in the doorway of the auditorium.  The lecture continued, and I stood there incredulous.  Of the students I could see seated facing the dais, many of them were not taking notes or following along.   

There was a guy sitting as though he were relaxing in an easy chair.  He had an electric hand tool with an orange power cord.  It rested in his lap and was on the verge of slipping out of his possession and landing on the floor.  I was bothered by what appeared to be a nonchalant attitude regarding where they were and what they were doing.  I gathered all my tools around me, sitting in an overflow room which symbolized for me being set aside, ignored, and unimportant.  The guy with a power tool symbolized someone who had immediate access to the power of God, but he was disinterested.  I'm considered an unimportant underclassman, and some there didn't care where they were. 

Candi told me on Facebook what has been taken from me or dealt to me will be used by the Lord to build me up and help people through me.  Amen.  I claim it, in Jesus' name.   

There are those who take for granted what's been given to them and the environment in which they reside. In this season, I am not among them.  We've been set aside for a time, but that time may be closing.  There may be those endued with power from on high, but it may slip from their grip regardless of their environment because they've grown apathetic and neglectful.  I'm in possession of what I need and it will all be used.  

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