Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thank You for the Miracles

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
- Mark 1: 24, KJV 

 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. - Mark 11: 24, NIV

That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything.
- from Mark 11 in The Message

As I increase in age, I grow familiar with who I am truly, and where I'm drawn to settle and unfold my tent, bivouac where I'm most comfortable.  For some, that sounds like I'm seeking a place of comfort above all things, but in reality, I've grown comfortable with seeking and finding the places where I thrive.  

There are the essential tasks and responsibilities of life that are unavoidable. In addition and not to be neglected, there are abilities and gifts and passions that should be embraced.  For me, one of my passions is intercessory prayer. I've misunderstood the embracing of spiritual passions for years.  I've thought such pursuit was neglectful of responsibilities as an adult Christian. Consequently, I lived a frustrated Christian life for years. If you're honest with yourself, you've probably grown comfortable with your own frustration. One of the sad realities for me was I provided spiritual leadership in congregations while accepting my own spiritual frustrations, living out of responsibilities and not passion for how I'm gifted and inspired.

Where I thrive is predicated on what the Lord has told me to do.  In effect, what God has told me to do has become my passion and focus. Its real easy for me to retreat to places in my thinking and believing where I want to please people more than God.  Its even easier for me to curl up under the covers of low self-esteem, guilt, shame and regret.  Religion holds the door for me as I back up into these positions. Again, I thrive when I do what God has told me to do.  One thing for me to do is to write and record what God is doing, and, thereby give inspiration for worship (Hey, nobody said it would be good - He just said, "Write." Posted 2/25/14). Another is to pray.

Years ago when I was an adolescent and first encountered God, there was a verse that opened my spiritual heart to where I knew God cared about humanity, and where I could participate in God's will being fulfilled in the earth.  It was Mark 11: 24.  Its bold, and, almost unbelievable, but I believed it.  My ease in believing it back then was because, in the Spirit, I was gifted in interceding. Praying this way made spiritual sense to me. I say this now because I know where I thrive in the Spirit, and what place I occupy in the Body of Christ.  Its taken me years to accept this place, and to accept my passions as legitimate Christian expressions, and not laziness or foolishness.

When I pray as intercession I try not to beg.  I spend most of the time praising the Father for who I know him to be.  I then segment my time into three portions.  I'll pray for particular people and circumstances, asking for the grace and mercy of God to manifest in order to bless, heal and prosper.  These prayers are lifted in keeping with what scriptures address these issues specifically, or in general. Sometimes, in the Spirit, this requires me to speak to mountains or circumstances and command them to shift or change.  Most of all, this is done in love for people and our heavenly Father.

In humility, I know I'm not the only one praying for anyone or anything.  I believe the Spirit is ever raising up the Body to intercede for anything and everything.  As I pray, I believe I receive it, AND I believe I'm in agreement with someone in earth or heaven regarding that petition.  With that in mind, I trust the power of the prayer of agreement (Matthew 18: 19).  I'm not ashamed to say when I pray, I believe I receive, and on some level or degree in heaven or earth, God's will is fulfilled.  We're then one step closer to the glory of God covering the earth as the waters cover the sea.

The second portion of time is spent praying in the Spirit.  The Spirit knows best how and what to pray regarding anything.  This being true, I pray in English because our Father is looking for women and men to partner with him to bring his will to earth.  Praying in faith is critical to this.  I also believe when I can't express accurately or competently as I should, I can pray audibly or not in a prayer language that expresses exactly what the petition ought to be.  I then praise God for such a gift.

Thirdly, I listen.  Lord, speak to me.  I want to hear what you need to tell me and what I need to hear.  In any relationship, its good to let the other person share their heart with you.  No relationship thrives in unrelenting monologues from the sender to a receiver.  True communication doesn't exist in such a relationship. I'm still learning this. 

When I pray, I believe. For me, maybe not for everyone, but for me, Mark 11: 24 is the keystone for my passion to intercede for the world God so loves and to participate immediately wherever I am in bringing heaven to earth.  

The rest of this post is a prayer of thanksgiving after time spent recently in intercession. The outcome of this bit of explanation regarding a passion of mine and a prayer of thanksgiving is up to God.  I believe there's a purpose in it.  He's worthy of my trust and my praise.  Alleluia.

Great God, I praise and thank you for all the miracles that have been manifested in bodies, spirits, souls, circumstances and relationships.  You are worthy of praise!  Miracles have manifested, things only you can do have occurred. Physical conditions have changed.  Illnesses and diseases have been arrested.  Spirits have been born anew by confessing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ either for the first time or afresh after a season withdrawn from you.  Minds and hearts have been set free from oppression and ill-thinking because you've revealed yourself as a God of love and peace and joy, and no level of darkness was able to counteract your visitation in word or power. Whether in spontaneous fashion or through a process that's begun, miracles have revealed the goodness of God.  Alleluia. People are not the same.  How cool is that?

Great God, I praise you for the prayers of agreement that have brought heaven to earth in the state of Alabama in the last 24-48 hours.  I've come into agreement with your children who've cried out to you for relief and salvation and peace.  They've needed others to join with them in their condition, not to merely lament, but to state the obvious and to seek comfort that only comes from you.  I joined with them through prayer and faith.  Great God, things have changed.  Heaven came to earth.  Lives and circumstances became ground zero for your love and mercy.  Alleluia! 

These divine manifestations have come to earth particularly in the state of Alabama.  You offered me this state two years ("You can have it if you want it."), and I took it.  Great God, outpourings and visitations and unmistakeable signs of divine power and love have come through prayers of agreement in Alabama in the last few days.  I love the life you've given me!  You are worthy of great praise!

Things have shifted and changed to reveal your grace and mercy for the world you so love.  

Daddy God, I'm thankful you've given me this state.  I'm humbled to be incorporated in this mighty effort of yours, Holy Spirit, raising up intercessors. Alleluia!

In agreement and believing when we pray things change and heaven touches earth, your earth you so love is experiencing how good you are and how much you love your children.

Great God, I love you.

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