Monday, November 30, 2015

Uber Glory

Moses was insistent.  He told the Lord he wouldn't go anywhere, even if it was the Promised Land, without the Lord's presence.

April and I lost our fascination with correct theology a while ago and crave the simplicity of our Daddy's presence.  Moses' prayerful plea, "Show me your glory," is a petition we've spoken and believed passionately.  We worshiped recently near Birmingham.  The guest speaker was Bob Hazlett, a prophet
we respect.  We longed for a word that would shed light on our circumstances and renew our hope.  He never stood and spoke over us, but his corporate message captured our lives, calling and future.

I invite you to view this video and listen to this excerpt from Bob's message, and let the Spirit work and spawn hope in you.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

From 11 to 12

The number 11 began to appear curiously enough days before November.  In addition, I felt something significant was to happen this month.  We ran across this message by Bob Hazlett.  He touches on the meaning of 11 and 12 in scripture and brought encouragement.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Wait Means Weight

A third great awakening is coming to America.  The Lord shared with Dutch Sheets its coming, and to some, its coming quickly.  This excerpt echoes the vision God has given us for Sand Mountain, and our place in it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sons of Zadok

Mark Chironna gave a prophetic word at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2012.  The word made our hearts leap. Perhaps your heart will leap, as well.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Perception, Part 2

And becoming aware of it, Jesus said to them, “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not perceive or understand? Are your hearts hardened?  Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? And do you not remember? -- Mark 8: 17-18

While at worship at Word Alive this past Sunday, we took communion.  As Kent spoke over the bread and cup, April kept hearing him say the word covenant.  I didn't notice.  She did because earlier in worship she saw in the Spirit rainbows, the sign of covenant.  She believes it was meant to be a reminder to her God has made promises to us.

Earlier in Kent's morning message, he said we should all get passports because we're to go to the nations.  In comparing notes, April and I both had the thought, on Sand Mountain, the nations will come to us.  This is a promise made to us (God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain, posted 7/20/15).  

Jesus' words to the disciples in Mark 8 challenged them to perceive and understand what was going on.  Are they paying attention or are their hearts hard?  Are their senses not functioning?  Are they not remembering?  

The gospel lesson in the Daily Office this past Sunday was from John 1:

Jesus answered, “Do you believe because I told you that I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than these.” And he said to him, “Very truly, I tell you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.”  -- John 1: 50-51

I have a history with these verses that I've documented (Greater Things, posted 11/26/13).  We've tasted like an appetizer of the greater things, but the fullness hasn't manifested yet.  Due to the tasting, I perceive what the greater things could be.  I will not forget my encounter with the Holy when I read verse 50 ten or so years ago as if I'd never read it before.   Verse 51, angels ascending and descending, rings of what the portal on the farm will be.  I perceive what all this may mean while I accept the mystery incorporated.  Just the same, I trust God.

In worship Sunday morning at Word Alive, I was reminded in my spirit of 1 Timothy 1: 18-19 -  

I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well, holding on to faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and so have suffered shipwreck with regard to the faith.

These verses were given to me while attending Forest Lake UMC in Tuscaloosa, 15 years ago (These Hallelujahs Be Multiplied (100th Post), posted 1/5/15).  These verses aid my perception of myself.  I've been given promises and prophecies.  While 15 years ago, I couldn't put my finger on any prophecies spoken over me, I couldn't say with certainty I'd been in any serious spiritual warfare, either.  Today, both are true.  I understand what these verses mean to me personally.  They were given to me 15 years ago by the Spirit as a promise I could trust.  The Lord sees the end from the beginning.  Selah.

Like King David in 2 Samuel 5, we may not catch all that we've experienced or heard when it occurred or spoken to us.  Like the disciples in the boat wondering if they had enough bread while they were sitting with the One who turns a kid's lunch into a feast for thousands, we can trust what we've experienced in the presence of our heavenly Father.  He's teaching us to perceive, understand what he's told us, what the Spirit has shared with us and what we've experienced that's revealed to us from his Kingdom in a snapshot.  

What we've heard and seen, experienced and understood from the Lord is never wasted.  All of it is setting us up for our destiny to bring heaven to earth, light into darkness, healing where there's only sickness, and life where only death is trusted.  The world is waiting for the revelation of the children of God stepping into their destinies.  I may not perceive everything he's shared with me, just the same, I can trust the Lord!  Alleluia!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Perception, Part 1

A few days ago, I read of King David perceiving, finally, who he really was.  God had already spoken to him of what his destiny was to be, and his circumstances had already dramatically shifted to his favor.  Regardless, his own understanding of who he was, his perception being enlightened of his true reality was crucial.

Three scriptures I read in the Daily Office (in the BCP) that day had a thread of perception or perceiving that spoke to me.  I was reminded to maintain my perception, my understanding of what the Lord has said to us regarding our destiny in him.

"For some time, while Saul was king over us, it was you who led out Israel and brought it in. The Lord said to you: It is you who shall be shepherd of my people Israel, you who shall be ruler over Israel.” 
. . . David then perceived that the Lord had established him king over Israel, and that he had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.  -- 2 Samuel 5: 2, 12

But she answered him, “Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” Then he said to her, “For saying that, you may go—the demon has left your daughter.” So she went home, found the child lying on the bed, and the demon gone. -- Mark 7: 28-30

But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge,
    to tell of all your works. -- Psalm 73: 28

David was told what the Lord had said of his destiny.  His own perception of his destiny in God, to be king of all Israel, was the fulfillment of what God and all Israel had told him earlier. 

The woman knew her and the daughter's destinies were in Jesus at that moment.  This is what secured the daughter's deliverance.  The mother knew Jesus' heart.  David had been anointed king at Hebron, but he perceived his place as king after he captured Jerusalem.  The woman perceived who God was at that moment and would not relent.  

In Psalm 73, the psalmist was jealous of the wicked.  Later, the psalmist perceived his or her place in God.  He is our refuge.  I perceived myself, as the psalmist declares at the close of Psalm 73 - "to tell of all your works."  I am to write (Write, posted 2/25/14 & Psalm 102 In The Message - A Review, posted 1/16/15), as well as steward the space and portal for God's activities at the farm on Sand Mountain (God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain, posted 7/20/15).

The last verse of Mark 7, the witnesses of the healing of a deaf mute declare, "'He has done everything well; he even makes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.'" They perceived him accurately.

I began to recall afresh a couple days ago my brother-in-law's vision God gave him about us as he drove on Sand Mountain a year and half ago (Yes, Amen, So Be It!, posted 8/29/13).  We will be known as we minister on Sand Mountain.  All of it will be far beyond what we can think or imagine.  It will be beyond what we dream.

Our perceptions or understandings of who we are in God are shaped by the word of God that speaks to us, the declared promises and prophetic utterances given to us and the encounters we have with God.  The revelations, promises and encounters are all in relationship with the God that loves us so.  We have a future in him not only in eternity, but, also in this life as we have a role in bringing heaven to earth.  We're citizens of a new kingdom that is to be expressed and manifested on this earth in our lifetimes.  Bill Johnson says the Holy Spirit is in us for our sakes, but he rests upon us for the sake of the world.  We must perceive or understand our destinies in him.  

Sometimes understandings and perceptions get lost due to the difficulties of life. Other experiences or immediate responsibilities take our attention.  Its a comforting thing, however, when we're reminded of what we've been told or shown.  The memories and revelations and encounters come back and renew our hope that our future is rich with the promises of God.  We don't need to pour shame upon ourselves for forgetting and losing our perceptions for the time being.  God remains faithful.  He is the one that does not forget.

Our friend, Karen, sent us a second prophecy (Excerpts of the first prophecy appear in Nine O'clock, posted 7/25/15) from a prophet, Lana Vawser (, that reminded her of us. Such spiritual utterances should be tested, no doubt. In this case, I trust the source and who shared it with us. This is what we can believe.

I had a vision where I saw the enemy releasing arrows with great force against forefront leaders and forerunners, but the enemy was specifically targeting areas of "gifting" and "ministry areas" where these ones are "anointed". . .  The purpose of these attacks was to knock the forefront leaders and forerunners off the front line, out of alignment, steal stability and momentum.

I then saw the Lord stand before these forefront leaders and forerunners and He spoke "It's time to link arms tighter than ever before." There was a call to unity, reaching out to those around you who can bring you support and stability, strength and encouragement through this time. . . This is not a battle to be fought alone, but to support, encourage and uplift one another. There is POWER 
in unity. . .

The enemy is attacking the very areas that the Lord is highlighting right now for powerful increase, greater release of His anointing, favor and promotion. These attacks of the enemy are actually an 'indicator' for where the Lord is about to release DOUBLE to these forefront leaders and forerunners. . . .

The Lord is turning things against you, around . . .  The Lord is not only restoring double, He is bringing forth redemption of circumstances and leading these ones into greater revelation and levels of authority. New levels of authority to see atmospheres shift, breakthrough's happen, the kingdom of darkness pushed back through you like you have never experienced before. . . .

There is a shift taking place in the spirit right now . . . .  Do not weary, do not faint, for things are about to suddenly change, and your giftings and ministry areas will be suddenly increased, favored and promoted by the hand of the Lord. Circumstances that have caused great trouble, are turning to platforms to receive DOUBLE. Where many of you have felt these "arrows" have knocked you into the "pit", you are now moving into the "palace". . . .  

Forerunners, forefront leaders, as you stay close to Him, stay positioned, stay aligned, don't give up. You are breaking through into new realms, new lands, new levels of breakthrough and manifestation of His promises greater than that you have ever seen before. You have been walking and pressing through the "narrow places" and it has been tough, the cost has been SO high, but you are about to be entrusted with more than you could have dreamed of. Refreshed in a way you cannot imagine, vindicated in a glorious way by the hand of our beautiful Papa God and restored to MORE than before.

You have not only broken ground for your own life, but for the body of Christ. Your faithfulness, your "YES" to Him is about to be rewarded (Yes, Amen, So Be It!, posted 8/29/13). Your tipping point has finally arrived. . . .

I perceive and understand what is occurring in the Spirit, right now, and I know we have our place in what God is doing worldwide.  While I understand, I know there is mystery, and we're just called to trust our Father, at this point.  So be it.  Selah.  Alleluia.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Hour Is At Hand

Then he came to the disciples and said to them, “Are you still sleeping and taking your rest? See, the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Get up, let us be going. See, my betrayer is at hand.”  -- Matthew 25: 45-46

Jesus tells the disciples they will all be deserters because of him.  He tells the intimate group of Peter, James and John they should pray not to come into trial.  They couldn't stay awake in the garden as he prayed.  Regardless, the hour is at hand.

The Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners in Matthew 25.  The little misunderstandings, Peter saying he'd never desert, the heaviness of eyes are all irrelevant.  The hour is at hand.  The tide has turned.  The little things and human frailties are nothing.  The hour has come.   All that's been prophesied and promised is at hand and will come about.  Whether you're prepped, able, rested, prayed up or not, the hour has come.  The wave is going to take your feet out from under you whether you want it to or not.  The hour has come, and the tide has turned.

Last Sunday, in reading the parable of the talents in Matthew, I knew that day the parable was about revelation.  The hours and days that followed contained discoveries and treasures only God could reveal (Daniel Boyd, posted 7/23/15).  This recent Sunday, through the Daily Office lectionary in the Book of Common Prayer, Jesus declares the hour has come.  So, we declare because it is now set before us to declare in this watch - Father, not my will, but yours be done.  Yes, in the mystery that is the God we worship and to whom we surrender our lives, the hour is at hand.  Where we will be, and what the Lord will say next Sunday remains a mystery, and, perhaps needs to be.

What is at hand has not been disclosed.  What may be going on and what's being wrestled with will not deter the significance of the hour in which we live.  Something mysterious is at hand through the will and heart of God.  My will is not important in this hour.  I do not want to be captivated by my own wishes and motivated to see personal needs met.  Not my will, but yours be done. 

Jesus prayed for the cup to pass from him, but not his will but the Father's will be done.  Jesus prayed and sweated then accepted his fate and the hour.  It was now at hand.  The betrayer had come.

April reminded me it was in the second watch Jesus was in the garden and arrested.  It's been prophesied to us as forerunners we're in the second watch, the darkest hour, and midnight is at hand (Nine O'clock, posted 7/25/15).  I, therefore, declare the hour is at hand. Alleluia.  I pray in faith not for my will, but the Lord's will be done.

Lord, my God, Daddy God, I trust your will.  Your will be done in this hour, this day your will is best.  Bring about your desires and heartbeat for us and our spirits, souls and bodies.  Daddy God, I trust you.  I will hear your voice as you disclose and direct.  Your will fulfilled is my heart's desire.  I claim my place with you and in you.  Alleluia.  The hour is at hand.  Not my will, but yours be done.  Praise God!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nine O'clock

April dreamed last month of a clock face reading nine o'clock.  She found that nine means visitation & deliverance. We claimed both in Jesus' name.

She researched the number nine further. The ninth hour is the beginning of the second watch, from nine to midnight, the darkest watch.  When she dreamed, we were in the beginning of The Verizon Squeeze (posted, 6/24/15).  We've also experienced physical discomfort.  The last couple weeks have been troubled, but, all the more, the Lord is our complete source.  Alleluia.

Earlier this week, I read of the calming of the storm in Mark 4.

But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke him up and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”  -- Mark 4: 38

I might be making a stretch, but the calming of the storm in Mark 4 sounds like, to me, it took place in the second watch, nine to midnight.  Nine means visitation and deliverance.  In the second watch, according to April, contending is necessary.  The disciples cry out and contend for deliverance.  Jesus asks them, "Where is your faith?"

April dreams of the clock face on June 21-22.  On June 19, I made the error in the Verizon payment that created The Squeeze.  A couple days after, I was in the throws of an infection.  After that eased, I've experienced a reduction in my hearing due to wax in my left ear and muscle aches due to my employment.

The prophecy Karen sent us a few days ago from Charisma Magazine ( speaks of attacks on finances and bodies and circumstances of the forerunners of the coming revival being relieved at the end of the second watch.

Suddenly, I saw pools of water forming around these front-line leaders and forerunners in the midst of the battle. Nothing had changed . . . but there was a new level of intimacy being opened up for them as they remain steadfast in faith. Encounters with His heart like they have never had before while in the chaos of the battle. A deep refreshing was coming to these ones. An increase of visions, prophetic dreams and encounters (God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain, posted 7/20/15 & Daniel Boyd, posted 7/23/15) that was seeing them begin to stand up in the midst of this battle and walk forward in boldness.

As they moved forward, the enemy began to retreat, farther and farther back. I then noticed that as they were moving forward in boldness and a deep refreshment that had taken place in these encounters, I saw the body of Christ as a whole and in the middle I saw a clock. It looked like a normal clock face with numbers and clock hands, but then also on the clock face were various quadrants which represented seasons the body of Christ was moving into.

I saw the hour hand was seconds away from midnight, but still in the "contending season" quadrant. As these ones moved forward they began to speak out declarations and heavenly revelations the Lord had given them in these encounters and suddenly the clock began to shake. It was like an earthquake was happening in the middle of the clock and suddenly I saw the clock hand move to midnight and then again suddenly forward into "harvest revival increase time."

The "knowing" then came over me that many of these forefront leaders and forerunners have been under such assault because the Lord is releasing through them the revelations (Daniel Boyd, posted 7/23/15) and kingdom keys to shift the body of Christ into "harvest revival increase time," but at an accelerated pace. Moving the people of God into a time of great revival within the body of Christ and releasing revival to the world. 

We remain in the second watch.  In the meantime, we contend and make declarations of what's been revealed and shared with us.  The harvest time approaches.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daniel Boyd

One night last week I dreamed.  I was at Dad's house.  It was nighttime. I was in the front room, and the house was bigger than in reality.  I was with the group of people who were preparing for a Christmas party.  Kids riding on a parade float stopped in front of the house.  The party was for the kids as an act of ministry.

There was a young man named Daniel Boyd, a blond haired teenager.  He was not helping in the preparations.  He would just flop down on chairs and pretend being asleep.  After one flop, he knocked down one of the volunteers.  I grabbed Daniel by the jacket he wore and told him to help or go home.  He laid there with his eyes closed and a sheepish grin on his face.  I told him he apparently didn't understand, so I'd tell him again.  With that, he opened his eyes with a surprised look.  I told him if he wasn't there to help, he needed to go home.

I told April about the dream in the morning.  She looked up the meaning of Daniel.  It meant God is judge.  Boyd meant blond or yellow, which was the color of his hair.

A couple days later, I read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.

For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.  -- Matt. 25: 29

It was so obvious to me that morning the parable had to do with revelation received.  I can't explain it all, but it has to do with receiving from the master to keep and steward.  Two of the servants take his treasure and turn it into more.  The one that buries the one coin takes the little truth he or she had and did nothing with it outside the Presence and watchful eye of the master.  The master gets so angry with that servant!  This has nothing to do with earthly riches.

A few days later, I was inspired again to write out our vision for the farm on Sand Mountain.  Our friend, Karen, sent me a prophecy from Charisma Magazine that spoke to our circumstances.  Lastly, I found on the internet JoAnna from the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, giving her testimony of the Lord speaking to her regarding her destiny.  This, also, to some degree, sounded like us.  All three of these items of info sounded revelatory.  

As I meditated on these three pieces of communication that, I believe, came from the Holy Spirit, I read a prophetic word written by Lance Wallnau.  Within it, he referenced Daniel from scripture.  This triggered in me recollecting my Daniel Boyd dream.  I considered my actions and words in that dream.  I was the only one with authority in Dad's house to say and do what I did ("If you won't help us, go home!").  Daniel, meaning God is judge, was startled with a wide eyed gaze.

I shared this new found insight with April.  I was overwhelmed by the thought I was the only one to speak what, I now believe, only I was one capable of speaking.  I then stood up and declared to God's glory for any spiritual entities or power to either help us enter the doors of our destiny or to go home.  Help or get out of the way, in Jesus' name.  April agreed with me and felt the Lord in what I declared.  Anna came in our bedroom a little later and said something significant was supposed to happen that day.  Alleluia.

Also, as I declared, April felt the Spirit recall within her a dream from years ago of what she believed to be an angel named David Arquette, meaning "beloved archer (not meaning the movie star)."  She believed it was time for this angel to arise and initiate the beginning of revival in this region.  More revelation? Perhaps. Not everyone would agree.

I believe the Lord through dreams and inspirations conveyed revelations to encourage and direct us into faith and actions for these days.  We were given 'talents' from the master.  If we buried them, we would be like the one who may lose the little she or he has.  In declaring, sharing and writing, I'm acting on what I believe the Lord has given me.  How will you be faithful to what revelation the Lord has given you recently?

Monday, July 20, 2015

God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain

I was recently inspired to compose and post the vision God has given April and me.  As we ministered the last few years as ordained elders in the United Methodist Church, specifically at a church in Albertville, AL, the Lord drew us close to himself in ways, expressions and encounters we never thought possible as pastors in a respectable, mainline denomination.

These encounters compelled us to be faithful in bringing heaven to earth for the sake of all whom God loves.  Sand Mountain became the land to which we were drawn, and worship was to be the portal through which the presence of the Lord would come to earth to save, heal and deliver.  We're called to steward this land and portal.

I have family, friends and acquaintances that asked and still ask or think why we couldn't do something like this as ordained ministers, which we're no longer.  The little I choose to say about this is the calling and vision didn't permit us the burden of remaining under the yoke of obedience to a denomination.  This direction, we believe, given by the Holy Spirit, set us on a course where we could only depend on the instruction and comfort of God as we wait and remain attentive to the Lord's voice.

We've been humbled. We've felt vulnerable as we've endured spiritually parched places, financial struggles that have practically left us destitute and absolutely left us dependent on the charity of family and friends. There are costs to following and leaning into the will of God with all you are. 

This is not to compel readers to express sympathy for us as we reach for what few have dared to seek.  On the contrary, I'm directed by the Holy Spirit to compose this now so you who read know what the vision remains, and what is to come.  I write this, perhaps, for no other reason than for you recognize the movement of God in and around us when it happens.  "Oh, is that what it's suppose to be! Praise God!"

The vision begins with a farm where the presence of the Lord will dwell. April was approached by a stranger at a prayer meeting two years ago. We hadn't told anyone anything of our vision. He told her he could see in his spirit her standing on a porch looking out over a field of corn stalks. He then kept saying, "Land, land, land."  Probably not a working farm, but property that was or could be.  It will be on Sand Mountain.

At the farm, the barn will be a worship center for on-going worship with healing rooms.  In the rooms, pairs of people will pray for and minister to those looking for particular healing in emotions, body and spirit.

The nations will come for healing.

Healing will take place just walking on the land.

Children will come and be healed and restored from wounds caused by abusive/neglectful/addicted parents.

There will be a peace and joy that will be palpable.

God will rescue the captive from the fierce warrior.

All will see God’s salvation on this Holy Mountain.

It will be a new Jerusalem:  a place where heaven comes to earth and God’s presence resides.

It will be a Christian think tank where people from all over will come to dream and hear from God for their communities.

At various times these scriptures were given to confirm the vision:
Psalm 18:19, (he set my feet on a broad place - Sand Mountain is the largest plateau east of the Mississippi)
Psalm 90:16-17, (show you splendor to your children; establish (prosper) the work of your hands)
Isaiah 35, (strength, growth, prosperity, healing, holiness)
Isaiah 43:18-21, (a new thing, a people formed for praise)
Isaiah 44:4, (poplar branches)
Isaiah 49:8-9, (set the captives free)
Isaiah 54, (enlarge the place of your tent)
Isaiah 55:5 (you will summon nations you do not know)
Isaiah 61:1-4 (Jesus' anointing given to April; the mission).

We have not been given a vision to accomplish through human determination and grit.  We're called by God to steward a calling, an anointing, a farm for God's glory manifested on the earth.  Pray for us and believe in the unfolding of the greatest days in human history.  Selah.  Alleluia.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bring Him What You Are

 And he stood up, and immediately took the mat and went out before all of them; so that they were all amazed and glorified God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”  -- Mark 2: 12
Great God, I love you.  We have never seen anything like this!  Alleluia.

"Bring him your best.  Give him your best."

These statements, and their variations, I've heard all my life.  These sentiments are true and with pure intentions, I believe; however, this story in Mark 2 of the paralytic being brought or coming to Jesus for healing involves the best being brought.  That's what he brings, a broken, sick body.

Regardless of proper theology or bringing your best, the four who carried him moved heaven and earth to get him to Jesus.  All this has to do with bringing all you are and have to the Lord of all.  They hold nothing back.  

This story and any of the healing stories reflect the same, I believe.  This is what I am, a paralytic, a leper, a blind man, etc., and I come to you, Jesus.  This is who I am, what I am, Jesus.  Only you can make me new.  

Bringing your best should be a lifestyle.  Bringing to Jesus what we have and who we are to the bone is equally as significant.  Its all yours, Lord, and all I am - broken, sick, weak, overwhelmed, strong, well, prosperous, complete.  I spiritually, soulishly and physically give it all to you.  All of it.  Better yet, all I am and have is yours.  I do so in worship and praise.  I give it all for your purposes and glory.

"This morning, I come to you with little money, hearing well from only one ear, with my hands broken out, my right hand is tingling from impediment in circulation, and bearing the scars of a recent staph infection.  Lord, I give you what I am and have for you to heal and restore me.  I come to you to be made whole.  This is all I am, this morning.  Your son is in need.  Heal and restore me, I ask.  I come in faith.  I know there's no one like you." 

After praying and writing this prayer yesterday, the prevailing impression that followed was to confess what I am and have.  I confessed out loud in the bedroom, "I am the healed.  I am the prosperous.  I am anointed.  All in light of what Christ has done for all of us."

Reading about the paralyzed being brought or wanting to be brought is real.  Its good to recognize your own need.  Its even better to seek the One who is eager to graciously bless, save and make whole.  Those who seek him find him waiting to forgive like only God can.  Consequently, everything he does graciously for those who seek him is what only God can do.  Alleluia.

What is the best I bring him?  I bring to him what I am.  My religiosity speaks and tells me the Lord doesn't want me to show how incomplete I am, how broken I remain, or sick or weak or poor.  To be fair and accurate, the religious spirit wants me to remain distant and aloof from my Lord.  If I came to Jesus and said, "Help me, only you can do it," that would position me a step closer to an authentic, honest relationship.  This is not what the religious spirit wants.  Such a spirit wants you ashamed of yourself and scared of God.

What is the best I can bring him?  I will bring to him what I am.  I am complete in him (Col. 2: 9, 10a).  I am saved by virtue of what he's done for all of us.  I believe it and have experienced it.  Life breaks me down.  I come to him as I am, not pretending to be perfect but knowing he knows my needs before I ask.  I come to him and ask in faith for restoration.  He is my life and hope.

What is the best I bring him?  I bring him what I am.  My Lord and God, I am yours.  I love and trust you.  I am in you and you in me.  I trust you as the healer and restorer of all good things.  Alleluia!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surveying the Earth

I got out of bed to go to the bathroom at 6:56 a.m. recently.  As I walked through the bedroom, I thought 6:56 could be a chapter and verses.  Zechariah came to mind again by time I made it back to the bedroom.  I went back to sleep.  I looked up Zech. 6: 5-6 when I woke up completely.

The angel answered me, “These are the four winds of heaven going out, after presenting themselves before the Lord of all the earth. The chariot with the black horses goes toward the north country, the white ones go toward the west country, and the dappled ones go toward the south country.”

Beforehand, I dreamed an old Bible was opened to Zech. 6: 1-6.  In verse 1, the chariots came between two mountains of bronze.  April said later perhaps the two mountains were Sand and Cheaha or Sand and Coldwater where Chuck Pierce pronounced a double portion anointing for the area.

I said to April Zech. 1: 11 (which I referenced in Pleased, Peace & Relax, 7/12/15) and 6: 1-6 both describe angelic and spiritual activity in surveying the earth.  I believe this is suppose to tell us there's specific activity and surveying going on right now, perhaps for our benefit and purpose.

The verses from Psalm 102 that stirred afresh in me a calling to ministry years ago made mention of surveying the earth.  It revealed to me the compassionate heart of the Father when I needed to know again God's heart for the world.

“'God looked out from his high holy place;
    from heaven he surveyed the earth.
He listened to the groans of the doomed,
    he opened the doors of their death cells.'”

Does this referencing to surveying tell us anything new?  I believe the Spirit wants us to know there is activity.  I know I've heard and read of prophetic insights from several sources that have spoken of angels surveying the earth in these days. 

Surveying the earth by the Lord with angelic activity leads to divine action.  I just heard Graham Cooke say in a message on You Tube the Lord always acts deliberately and not by accident or chance.  I believe the angels and heavenly hosts are actively seeking and observing.  What is to come may not be predictable, but divine action is due in this world.

I remain convinced the Lord is pleased with us, we possess peace from heaven, and we can comfortably relax.  We will be witnesses of God's activities in opening cell doors and rejoicing wildly.  Alleluia.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pleased, Peace & Relax

Thankfully, the squeeze ended.  Now, in subtle ways, the Spirit has spoken.  More accurately, I'm listening and paying attention outside The Verizon Squeeze (The Verizon Squeeze posted 6/24/15) while the Spirit speaks.

April said every time she looks at the clock now days, day or night, its 1:11.  I felt compelled to look at Mark 1:11.  And a voice came from heaven, 'You are my beloved Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased. 

A man named Steve at Word Alive came to us while we attended a conference at the church.  He hugged us, without knowing us at all, and told us the Lord was pleased with us.  Mark 1:11 reiterates what is still true for us today.  Pleased.

After reading Mark 1:11, I was inspired, I believe by the Spirit, to read Zechariah 1:11 - Then they spoke to the angel of the Lord who was standing in the midst of the myrtle tress, 'We have patrolled the earth, and lo, the whole earth remains at peace.'  A few days before, I looked up the meaning of my name.  Jeffrey means heavenly peace.  I'd forgotten.  I've been declaring this since over me.  He is my peace (Eph. 2:14), and I possess heavenly peace.  Peace.

Several days ago before I got out of bed one morning, April recalled the days we took long car trips with the kids.  She'd put a couple dots and strokes on a pad of paper and asked the kids to make a picture from the those marks.  In bed, I envisioned a legal pad with a few marks.  I then saw the word "relax" with letters written vertically and in various sizes.  I believed then and do today it was God speaking.  Relax.

Doug Addison wrote a couple confirming words over the last week.  First, "Staying at peace is a key to getting through obstacles, and it will shift the spiritual atmosphere around you."  Two days before, he wrote, "Relax and let things unfold over the next few weeks."

While circumstances have not changed for us, we made it through The Verizon Squeeze while still declaring God's goodness and faithfulness.  I believe, as a result, the Spirit has spoken in ways that were hard to resist or miss.  Our God is pleased with us, heavenly and divine peace is ours, and relax.  Selah.

Alleluia to our God!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Verizon Squeeze

Last Friday morning, I made an error in making a past due payment on our Verizon account.  I paid the whole bill, which we couldn't afford, instead of the past due amount only.  Its hamstrung our finances.  Its prompted prayers and cries for mercy in light of an error from a lack of attention to detail and fatigue.

The morning before, April and I both awoke with the same song in our minds and hearts, Always by Kristian Stanfill.  My God, he will not delay. My refuge and strength always.

In Jesus' name, we claim this together.  Great God, you will not delay. You are strength and refuge always.  Alleluia.

Saturday morning, I read from Luke 21.  As I read of the prophetic declaration by Jesus of the pending fall of Jerusalem, I thought, "Why am I reading this?"  At the end of that declaration, verse 28 struck me. I read it again, and it stuck in my heart as a word picture for me these days.

Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. -- Luke 21: 28.

Great God, you will not delay. You're our refuge and strength always.  The things that take place, good and not so good, prompt me to stand up and raise my head because our deliverance is drawing near. Alleluia.

Barbara Yoder wrote in her book, The Cry God Hears, of the feeling of being squeezed due to circumstances when you're near the end of a time of waiting, struggle and warfare and the dawning of manifested glory in new ministry and fulfillment.  The Verizon Squeeze certainly feels like circumstances putting us in a vice emotionally and spiritually.  With such a thought this week, I go back to that verse from Luke 21:  Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near (Luke 21: 28).

April and I both believe this accident didn't happen by chance.  I've made payments via the internet to Verizon for years without mishap.  This hamstrung us from putting gas in the car so I couldn't go to work Saturday, we couldn't go to worship Sunday and purchase essentials for our daily living.  Its been a squeeze, indeed.

Sunday morning's gospel reading in the Daily Office was from Matthew 19.  Verse 29 spoke to me, And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields, for my name's sake, will receive a hundred-fold, and will inherit eternal life.  We have left much to pursue God's calling on our lives.  To many, if not all, it appears foolish.  To us, there's little we would have changed regarding the pursuit of God and declaring what he's told us of what is to come.  We still invite you to join us in the pursuit, but there will be cost.

Monday morning, the gospel lesson echoed the end time theme of the previous lessons.  Luke 21: 29-30 were my verses: Then he told them a parable: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees; as soon as they sprout leaves you can see for yourselves and know that summer is already near.  Signs are evident there is change on its way.  

When we approached the possibility of not attending worship due to a lack of gas money but still asking the Lord for it, April reminded me she heard the Lord tell her in worship the Sunday before "you won't be here next week."  We weren't.  Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

April had two dreams this week.  In the first, she saw a bedside, windup alarm clock with the time nine o'clock on its face.  Nine means visitation and deliverance.  In the second, the four of us in this family were in a car. We arrived at a large, round lake.  The road circled it. As we drove around it, we were hit by a wave from one direction but kept going.  On the other side of the lake, we were hit by another wave from a different direction that sent us careening into a red car, but we kept going.  The first wave was the payment accident. The second was the financial difficulty that ensued with anger (the red car), but we kept going.  Nothing will impede us.  Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

Our creditors have called us relentlessly these days, but we've prayed for their prosperity because we will pay them back.  Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

My hands have broken out due to the strong hand soap and detergent at work.  Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. 

Our children have felt squeezed financially, as well.  We've had to borrow from them for gas and coffee (essentials of life).  This is painful for me as a father.  They have been gracious but felt it wasn't fair to them.  Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

I had a bout of frustration and emotional fatigue (any wonder?) regarding ever returning to work this week, as well.  April reminded me of Bill Johnson's call to believers to always finish well when seasons draw to a close.  Finish well.  She said I should endeavor to finish well, not quit, keep going until God releases me.  That was hard to hear, but I see it as a lesson I need to learn and not a course or class to withdraw from.  Selah.   Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

I talked recently with Verizon, and money should be credited back to our debit card account soon.  It was a relief, but we're still left with the admonition to trust in our God because when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

We're going to finish well and go home!  Alleluia!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Going Home

I worked until 10 p.m. one night recently.  As my shift was nearing its end, and I washed the prep room floor, one of my colleagues from a nearby department came in the room.  He looked for me to inflate balloons for a customer without saying a word.  We provide that service, and he had four balloons in hand, but sighed when he caught sight of me washing the floor.  Without lifting my head or changing my posture, I asked how many balloons.  He said four and that he could do it. He inflated them with helium and headed for the door.  I thanked him.

The next morning I asked April what the number four meant prophetically.  She said Holy Spirit and works of humanity and works of the land.  All of those make sense in light of what followed the night before.

A few minutes after my colleague left, I neared completion of the floor and my shift.  An employee I'd never seen before came in and startled me by saying, "Are you through with this pallet jack?"  I said, "Yes, by all means, take it."  He stopped and said, "You look ready to go home."  I said I was, putting the last touches on the floor and sweating.

A moment or two after he left I thought the term "home" meant more than where I lay my head.  I want it to mean where I belong. I never considered Sand Mountain as home, but it is, and I'm ready to go home.  Its where we belong.

That night I got a sign of a pending word from the Lord.  The Holy Spirit was about to speak about hope (the prophetic meaning of the color yellow which was the color of the balloons) and the home ground - 4 balloons inflated.  We are about to be elevated to our home, our land, where God will bless his world and fulfill our destinies.  Alleluia.  Selah.

Its where our destiny in God is found.  Its where we will return and steward a "farm" where the Presence will abound as worship is ongoing.  The sick and troubled and hopeless will come and receive what only the Lord can give.  The land will be where people from all over the world will come to be inspired and granted wisdom and insight for their communities and governmental and corporate responsibilities.

The Presence of the Lord will abound, and there will be a portal for angelic activity from heaven to earth and earth to heaven.  There will be healing rooms for dear ones to come and receive prayer for healing of all forms.  This will be a ministry and a place that will be known everywhere, and it will be far beyond anything April and I have conceived or considered.  This is our home, and it will be where we will find our home, and we're ready.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Forgetfulness Removed

While driving home from work one day last week, I stopped by to see April's uncle at the hospital.  As I neared the hospital, I recalled visiting a woman from Albertville at Marshall South Medical Center in Boaz six years ago.  She'd been diagnosed with cancer.  I shared with her being prayed for by a Portuguese speaking Brazilian bishop at a conference in Pennsylvania.  He imparted to me what he had.  I prayed for her after I shared.  Days later after a blood test, no cancer was found.

I hadn't thought of that in years.  It was cool it came to me as I was about to visit Randy. I told Randy & Tawanah, his wife, April's aunt, that story and prayed for him the same I did for Pat.  They received it in faith.

When I shared this with April she reminded me of when I was prayed for by the bishop. He declared over me women with cancer will come to me asking for prayer, and they'll be healed.  I'd forgotten.

This week, Doug Addison posted on his blog this is a time of major transition.  "There will be another major spiritual shift in June, and 'June gloom' will lift and the fog of forgetfulness will be removed.  God will begin to bring to your memory promises you have forgotten.  This will set the pace for the rest of the year (and) for things to 'fall into place' in the fall."

One of our friends in Albertville reposted Doug's blog post on her Facebook page.  When I read it it prompted me to recollect all this again.  June is bringing back promises and memories, prayers, declarations and ministry.

When I was writing the previous post for my blog I included a quote from Isaiah 66: 8, "Can a nation be saved (born) in a day?"  I was writing on June 16, and I looked up this verse in my NIV.  I found verses 7-9 highlighted, and the date 6/16/11 written in the margin. It was exactly four years from when the Spirit originally shared with me those verses and finding them again.

Verse 8 echoes the power of a single day.  Most of all, the discovery of these verses brought to me four years ago today affirm this month being a time when things are remembered.  Alleluia.  Selah.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One Sunday In June (Triple Crown)

But he looked at them and said, "What then does this text mean: 'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?'"
-- Luke 20: 17

Sunday morning as I was preparing to go with April and Anna to worship, I read what Doug Addison posted on Facebook that morning, to expect the Lord to speak through a person brought to you.

Also, before we left, I noticed a song had played repeatedly on one of our iTune playlists that morning (9 hours of music and on random play mode).  It was Oceans from Hillsong.  The praise team at Word Alive, sure enough, sang it in worship, and the Spirit stirred the congregation powerfully.  The chorus reads, "Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me."  I leaned over to April in worship and said, "How many times do I need to hear this song?"

During worship, April told us later she saw in her spirit angels gathering on Sand Mountain.

The morning message was brought by Daniel, the director of 7 Springs Ministries on the campus of Word Alive.  I took notes on what he shared.

Chuck Pierce lost his twins to death several years ago.  The Lord told him to visit Civil War battle sites.  In traveling, God told him to get off I-20 at the Coldwater, AL exit.  As he did, the Lord told him to declare "a double portion/anointing" for this area.  Chuck has also said the state of Alabama will be a forerunner in the coming worldwide revival.  April told me later in a dream Saturday night/Sunday morning I had two babies.  She thought, in light of what Daniel shared, the two babies represented a young and growing double portion/anointing.  In Jesus' name, we claim the double portion for these days!

In the message, Daniel shared about growing more acquainted with revival and prophetic language and symbols.  When he grew more desirous for revival in Alabama and believing what Chuck said about this state, he heard repeatedly from multiple sources the phrase, "Redigging the ancient wells."  He started asking for confirmation of what he heard and was it truly prophetic.

He ran across a prophecy Smith Wigglesworth shared with Lester Sumrall, two true revivalists of their day in the early 20th century.  He spoke of the greatest worldwide revival/move of God to come.  It was Lester Sumrall that ordained Kent & Bev Mattox.  They were later drawn to Coldwater, AL, the place of the double portion, to start Word Alive International Outreach.

Daniel was given scripture.  One verse was Habakkuk 3:2, "Renew your deeds in this day (I was given this verse by the Spirit when we lived in Albertville)."  In a prophecy of the coming revival from Bob Jones he read after Bob's death on Valentine's Day, 2014, The Glory Train Is Coming, he quoted Hab. 3:2 and the phrase, "Redigging the ancient wells."  Daniel prayed for confirmation this was something he could trust was a word from the Lord. His spiritual mother told him days later he should look for and expect sign posts pointing to the pending move of God and where Alabama is a forerunner.  The sign post would be a triple crown, she said.

Back in '12 when April was going to Anniston to visit her brother, Stan, in the hospital before he died, she saw a cloud in the shape of a crown as she drove through Alexandria on 431 near Coldwater.  In '13 on a Sunday morning in a time of worship at our house, April saw Jesus come into the room and put a crown on my head.

Two Saturdays ago, American Pharaoh won horse racing's Triple Crown.  When I found out about the win, I said to Anna, "I wonder if that means something prophetic?"  Revival is on the verge.

Anna dreamed last Saturday night as April dreamed about me having two babies.  One of the characteristics of the coming move of God Daniel affirmed on Sunday is the transfer of wealth.  Anna dreamed of painting toenails. One of the dream interpretations of painted toenails Anna found was the transference of wealth.

Daniel also talked about a Joseph anointing in these days.  Our friend, Carol, said months ago she believed I carried a Joseph anointing - being in a limited set of circumstances (prison) for a season that positions one to be in a place of honor in a palace in a day.  Great God, a nation can be saved in a day (Isa. 66: 8). Alleluia. Selah.

He also talked about the disqualified are the qualified in this coming move of God.  We heard Bishop Joseph Garlington say years ago, "What qualifies you, disqualifies you, and what disqualifies you, qualifies you."  

April and I debriefed Monday morning about our mutual experiences on Sunday.  We were in awe about Sunday morning, and what was brought back to our memories, and what confirmations came forth for us in this season.  While this is true, we remain invisible to so many even after we share with them our destiny in God.  The invisible nature of our condition will make our emergence all the more a work of God.  These are wonderful days to be alive.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

We Can Only Afford Air

When Jesus heard this, he said to him, “There is still one thing lacking. Sell all that you own and distribute the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” . . . .
And he said to them, “Truly I tell you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, 
who will not get back very much more in this age, and in the age to come eternal life.” -- Luke 18: 22, 29-30

I read from Luke 18 recently.  When I read verses 29 & 30 they stirred me.  We have and will have plenty of provision, but we've lost friends.  We'll have friends, particularly new ones, that will come to us, support and minister to us in the days to come.

I shared that with April minutes later. She said afterward she sensed what she believed was the Lord saying, "You worry about giving the pittance of the tithe when I see you've given me everything."  When she shared, we both shed tears.  

The certain ruler in Luke 18 couldn't do what Jesus told him, sell all he owned and give the funds to the poor and follow Jesus.  We've done this not to receive in this life but to participate in the ministry of the kingdom of God in this world, to reveal how good God is, to trust what we've been told and to dream with God.  Alleluia.

A couple of days ago when one of our tires needed air I thought, "We can only afford air."  Actually, we were between pay checks and could hardly afford air for the tire. 

This is how its been for us off and on for over 18 months.  Our debts have increased and left unpaid.  I've only worked part-time since Safe Harbor closed.  We haven't shared how difficult its been financially for us following God's calling and destiny.  Fagan and Ginny's graciousness toward us in providing housing and meals have been very important and loving.  I don't know where we'd be without them.

I got up early one morning recently.  We've had a slow leak in the front, driver side tire.  When I awoke I thought about swapping the tire's position with a back tire.  I went outside, stared at the tire, changed my mind, checked the oil and went back inside.  I thought I'd just put air in it and get it looked at my next day off.   The thought then came to me to get a new tire and an oil change while at work that day.

I can't explain the peace that came to me.  It was funny, peace for deciding to get a tire and an oil change.  I'd just got paid so we had the money.  Both were necessary.  There was peace, and it remains.  It feels we're are prosperous, prosperous to live comfortably though we live hand to mouth.

April listened to a recent Bill Johnson sermon.  He talked about the gates of pearls from the book of Revelation.  When praise and worship take place amidst struggle and defeat, pearls are produced. 

April dreamed in the month of April of a treasure box of pearls of all sizes, including diamond encrusted large ones.  It dawned on April this weekend these pearls were formed when we praised and worshiped despite or amidst all kinds of difficulties and struggles these last couple years.  These are treasures born of praise despite circumstances.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Perfectionism, Laziness & The Trigger

I found a quote from the author, Hugh MacLeod - "The best way to get approval is not to need it."

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust; do not let me be put to shame; do not let my enemies exult over me. Do not let those who wait for you be put to shame; let them be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous.  -- Psalm 25: 1-3

Do not let us be put to shame as we wait for you, Lord.  If we're missing you and what you want to do for us and through us, bring teaching and revelation in our lives to give us direction and inspiration.  

Saturday morning, Kris Vallotton posted on Facebook.  He wrote about laziness.

If this post offends you, I would remind yourself that I am quoting the Scriptures and maybe your offense is conviction. . . .  Jesus said work is the catalyst to city transformation. He said, "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)"  Here is what Solomon said about lazy people; "He who is slack in his work is brother to him who destroys." (Proverbs 18:9)  "Laziness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle man will suffer hunger."(Proverbs 19:15)  In fact the Bible warns us about lazy "believers" who refuse to earn a living for their families. It says, "If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (1 Timothy 5:8) 

My father accused me of being lazy when I was a kid, and he'd put me to work.  He'd come into the house when I was a kid and demanded I stop playing and come outside and help him with some house project or yard work.  His demanding was always done with anger and condemnation.  In affect, stop being a kid and get out here.  Stop being lazy.  

I remember the accusations and being told what to do in a gruff, frustrated tone.  I then got lost in the work in order to numb the humiliation and shame.  The accusations and hurrying to get to work with my angry father is what I hated.  I told April about these memories arising in me after reading Kris' post.  She reminded me the Lord doesn't accuse.  

We went to worship at Word Alive Sunday.  Kent preached on necessary actions are to accompany faith.  Armchair faith won't get it done after you've prayed and declared what you've believed.  There must be corresponding action.  With 2 Kings 3: 16-21 a biblical reference, he said, "Expect - so, dig a ditch."  And, "Holy Spirit is the helper, not the doer."  So much of what he said or alluded to sounded like Kris - Stop being lazy.  Its so curious to me we've had to counter these things we've heard from people we respect and love.

During the message, April heard in her spirit, "Proverbs 6: 6."  She looked it up.  "Go to the ant, you lazybones; consider its ways and be wise."  She thought to herself, "What?"  We kept speaking to each other on our way home that we're not lazy and slackers.  

During worship, I checked my spirit and thought, "I've been writing.  The Lord told me to write.  What I write will inspire generations to worship.  Regardless, if I have four readers or not, I'm doing what I'm called to do."

I can't be perfect in what I do and what comes out of my work, or, even, how I live my spiritual life. Maybe this is what discourages me.  Perfectionism is a myth, and it can't be resolved through hard work.

The next morning, April said why didn't we hear what Kent said Sunday and celebrated because we're exactly where we ought to be because we believed and acted all along the way.  We didn't react that way.  We felt shame because we felt we were doing little, if anything, right now.  We agreed our reaction was evidence we were under attack.  Christian friends were not our adversaries.  The enemy is putting the screws to us.

I told April later I was angry with myself for not seeing the change in my work schedule on Sunday sooner. I clocked in at work on Sunday afternoon at 4 instead of 3.  They changed my schedule to a 3 to 9 shift. Days earlier, my shift that day was to start an hour later.  I realized the change the next day.  My perfection gene arose with anger. I was disturbed with myself. I somehow should have known better.  

This made me feel imperfect when keeping track of my schedule is my responsibility - "stop playing and be perfect, stop writing and be perfect, stop praying and worshiping and be perfect.  You ought to do more, and, thereby receive acceptance and love and appreciation by what you accomplish."

April said that was the trigger that made me feel ashamed.  She then said to me to go to that time of pain with my father.  Jesus was there with me those days when I felt ashamed for playing and not working with Dad.  What would Jesus have said to me those days?  I went to that time and place in my spirit.  It made me cry because Jesus would have accepted and loved me.  He wouldn't shame me.  His love for me was greater than the shame I felt.

As I drove to work that afternoon, I found Need To Breathe's song, Something Beautiful on my You Tube channel. I played it and cried again.  Alleluia.

The next day at work, I went out to the parking lot to assist Charles and his wife with a bag of potting soil.  I walked with them to their car.  He told me he'd lost strength because of cancer treatment.  I lifted the potting soil into the back of their van.  I then turned to Charles, told him my name and asked him his and asked if I could pray for him.  He said yes.  I prayed over him the Lord's best and complete healing.  He and his wife thanked me.

Later on, a co-worker asked me to assist a woman and her daughter with groceries.  I followed them to their car.  The mother's hair was growing back from falling out recently.  My co-worker had said to me in a whisper the mother had cancer.  As I followed them, she said her and her daughter go out of the house intentionally when she has tough days.  As we made it to the car and opened the rear hatch, I saw a Celebrate Recovery Bible.  That was my open door, the trigger that encouraged me to reach out.  After Anita put her daughter in her car seat and closed the hatch, I asked if I could pray for her.  She agreed, and I felt compassion come.  I prayed and stumbled over some words because of the Lord's compassion for her over me.  When I finished, she thanked me and paused with an expression of emotion that caught her by surprise.  I said, "Yeah, I felt that, too."

I may not be perfect, but I'm not lazy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Furniture From Behind the Curtain

I dreamed earlier this week.  There was a lot going on, including throwing Frisbees, but I mostly remember one thing. I walked into a room.  A color, console TV was on.  Someone was sitting on the carpeted floor in front of it.  Dr. Charles Stanley, a Baptist TV preacher and author from First Baptist in Atlanta, was preaching.  I said, "My mother loved Charles Stanley."

I was then in the congregation near the front.  I didn't hear Charles Stanley say a word, but I knew he was preaching about Acts 2, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and moving as in relocating.  As a metaphor in the sermon, he directed what was behind a curtain to be brought out on the dais.  Identical pieces of furniture were already on the platform - two chairs and a communion table (all I can recall) - were brought out from behind a curtain.  These pieces had been in storage and were covered in dust.

Could this be a prophetic sign we're moving our dust covered items, including ministry items, out of storage around Pentecost - end of May, first of June? 

Back in July, I referenced Doug Addison, a prophet from California (High & Extended, 7/11/14).  He wrote on his ministry blog ( last week, "April would be a time when new doors of opportunity would be opening. It will take 'rising above' your current situation to gain higher levels of revelation. Well, opportunities are now knocking. Get ready to open the door and watch things begin to happen quickly."  I find it ironic Doug writes it will take rising above your current situation to gain revelation while the last time I referenced Doug Addison was in a post entitled High & Extended.  Interesting.

I believe I've written before not everyone appreciates or accepts what's labelled prophetic if its not in the Bible.  I understand that.  You have to value the sources of such utterances before you accept what is said.  I agree.  For me, Doug speaks to me when he writes.  If he's right, he's right.  If he's wrong, he needs to refrain from sharing and calling it prophetic.  I'm going to refer to what he's written recently, and how it's applicable to our circumstances.  If this isn't your cup of tea, I encourage you to stop reading.  If your interested in what follows, I pray it speaks to you, as well.

Doug writes, "It is a time of acceleration but it might appear to take you by surprise. Just as the enemy brings surprise attacks, God is opening surprise blessings. These open doors and the release of higher-level revelation will require you to rise above your situation and circumstances. In other words, it might not look like a blessing at first."

I'm still not sure what he means by rising above your circumstances.  I tend to believe he means to gaze high and expect more in these days despite what's going on.  Surprises are bound to happen, but blessings may be in disguise.  Choppy times will need to be eclipsed.  "God will use what may seem like opposition."  Doug continues, "It is actually the wind of change that is here to bring strategic repositioning that will set you up for advancement."  This comforts us.  

He writes he had another dream.  He was on a beach playing Frisbee with a prophetic leader he knew (In the lead paragraph of this post I mentioned dreaming of throwing Frisbees, too). "The wind increased and would blow my Frisbee tosses back into my own hands. Then he threw it to me and it caught the wind. I was able to catch it on my index finger, which represents gaining greater direction.

"This is what things may feel like right now for many people." Doug writes, "Your efforts to break through haven’t seemed to amount to much. Watch for the wind of the Spirit to shift to your favor and see direction come as the month progresses."  We have definitely felt this over the last couple years.  I claim this in faith.  For me to dream of throwing a Frisbee the night before I read this post is kind of cool.  I've learned often coincidence is the language of the Spirit.

Doug continues by writing we shouldn't be alarmed.  Embracing the pain of change will help in these days. Don't choose to view change as setbacks.  Don't panic and stay focused. 

"Don’t be distracted or get too busy." Doug writes, "With this new wind of change here it will bring many 'dry bones' (my post, A Dream Anniversary, 2/26/14) and dead dreams to life. The natural tendency of this sudden burst of new life and energy will tempt you to try to start running too early. Pace yourself and let the refreshment of the Holy Spirit revive your vision first. As you do this it will allow you to pace yourself for greater things that are yet to come."

This particular point of insight reminds me of April's recent dreams when she's heard the word, "cyclops."  I've believed that to mean to stay focused.  Don't be distracted or misdirected.

The relevance of this post from Doug to me ends with his insistence for the reader to track all that God is saying to us. "Journal, draw or write out what you are hearing and dreaming. Clarity will increase as you consistently do this."

He concluded by conveying a dream he had recently of a white worm eating the words off his computer screen after he'd type.

"When I realized this was happening, I woke up, prayed and broke this attack over others and myself. Don’t back down from writing or releasing your message. It will help people and it is a major part of what God is calling us to do right now."

I've expressed frustration in feeling tired in my soul since I acquired my new job.  When I've had time to write, I haven't had the energy or focus to devote myself to it.  Maybe for me to post and journal what I believe God is speaking in these days is my rising above my circumstances.  Just sticking to it and recording what I can and believing the anointing will guide me to write and give testimony has brought me to write.

Again, if this kind of post is not your cup of tea, I will not insist you should continue to read my musing and reflections and experiences.  I don't even insist you should believe what I write.  My business is to write what I believe God is saying and doing and that all this will inspires generations to come worship him (Psalm 102: 18-22).   What I will always write and say with boldness is these are wonderful days to be alive, and what is to come will eclipse the past.  I invite you to follow along and see what the Lord is and will do.  Alleluia. Selah.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Flat Tire

I had a flat tire on my way to work recently.  I pulled over two blocks from home.  The rear, driver's side tire was absolutely deflated.  I changed it.  The spare was fully inflated.  Alleluia.  I called my employer's automated message service to report I'd be late.  All of this and changing the tire worked like a charm.  I thank my earthly father for teaching me - in this case, teaching me to change a tire with confidence.  Thank you, Lord, for my father, Harry.  Bless him, Lord, with your loving presence to bring him joy and peace in these days.  Alleluia.

I can't help but ask my heavenly Father what this flat tire might mean prophetically.  I wrote on this blog a couple days prior to the flat about the refreshing of my prophetic gifting in January, the dream about Eli receiving the scholarship and its fulfillment last month (Fulbright Dream, 4/1/15).  As I pulled away from the house and making my first turns, I knew one of the tires was flat.  When I stopped and looked at the tires and found the flat one, it came to me I sensed a few days before this could happen, and, suddenly, there was the manifestation.

As I walked in the cul-de-sac the next morning, I asked the Lord if there was anything I was to learn from this flat tire.  I walked, prayed and looked at the car.  I then had a subtle sense regarding that particular tire.  It was old and bald.  I believe its the oldest of the four.  The impression I had was its the last, original tire to be replaced - a sign of complete transition from what was to what is and will be.  In addition, a vehicle is a symbol of ministry.

I continue to recollect learning to change and the actual changing of tires.  This is one of those things I attribute to my father's teaching.  I changed my rear tires to snow tires on my first car, a '73 Chevelle, a hand-me-down from my brother.  The learning may have started there.

I remember talking to Eli on the phone when he had a flat on an interstate in Florida.  I went to our Dodge Caravan, unpacked my jack and talked him through loosening nuts, engaging the jack, lifting the car and changing the tire.  This was the most dramatic.

I also recall getting to Anna when she hit a curb and had a flat in Albertville and changing the tire in an Episcopal church parking lot late one night.  I was feeling put out, but it all worked out.

Must there be a prophetic message in every innocuous event or experience?  Must we assume God speaks in every occasion?  Well, I've grown accustomed to expect the Lord to speak everyday.  The Lord's words and expressions are often treasures that must be sought.  Those who ask, seek and knock are those who find.  Not everyone pursues because we're prone to be skeptical. 

Over the recent years through hearing testimonies of the seekers finding and the hungry being filled, I've chosen not to be skeptical but expectant.  Sometimes, those who begin to accomplish things in a gifted area have success simply because they believe they could be gifted, being less skeptical, not paying attention to the cynics and believing God has created them to be something more than they've settled for in the past.

A mere flat tire can reveal the will of God for a person who's willing to pay attention.  When I walked and prayed the morning I asked for clarity, I believe I received and with it came hope and joy, hope amidst our circumstances and joy that I'd heard from the Father. 

A mere flat tire caused me to thank my heavenly Father for my earthly father and renewed within me hope for our future.  What common place experiences in your life have the Lord orchestrated to speak to you of what is true in your present or compelling you to lean forward gazing at your future?  I encourage you to pay attention and give thanks for a heavenly Father who speaks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fulbright Dream

In a recent Facebook instant message conversation, I wrote to a friend of mine I know we've come into a new season.  He asked what God had conveyed to us about this new season.  I just said I knew a new season had begun by virtue of what he's shared with us in encounters and experiences, dreams and impressions.

January was clearly significant, and what happened recently fulfilled what was dreamed then.  I write this now to fulfill the mandate on my life to record what God has done to inspire worship in generations to come.

The morning of January 19, as I wrote about dreams and days in January and composed a prayer, I listened to worship from Bethel Church in Redding, CA the night before.  As I worshiped and wrote, I was surprised, surprised by the Presence.  The Presence of the Lord overwhelmed me repeatedly.  April came in and found me singing and crying.  It was wonderful.

After the worship set ended, I went into the bedroom to get ready for a shower.  I kissed April and felt overwhelmed again with laughter and tears, but there wasn't any music.

I made it into the shower.  As I washed, I prayed for those who've influenced me over the years.  I didn't go any further than Bill Johnson.  I prayed in agreement with passion for anything he prayed for in that moment.

I remained in the shower and recalled the Lord saying to me years ago when Karen S. repeatedly called me a prophet, the Lord said, "Jeff, what if you are?"  That morning in January in the shower, I began to cry again and recalled saying years ago, "Then I need people to be sent into my life to teach me what it is to be a prophet."  As I remembered this, the thought came to me as I stood in the shower, "I am a prophet!  If I was a prophet back then, God needed to bring people into my life to teach me."  Soon after that, Bill Johnson came into my life through CDs from Cinde Lucas.  I haven't been the same since.  The Presence of the Lord overwhelmed me again in the shower. Funny. Alleluia! Selah!

Around this time in January I read about a budding mega-church growing in Albertville.  After reading about it, a sense of jealousy arose in me.  I stayed there spiritually as I went to bed that night.  The next day, I came to my senses and honestly confessed to myself I'm not a mega-church pastor.  That's not my calling. Days before, God brought back to me  my calling and gifting as a prophet, and I received it with joy.  I'm not to be a pastor in the seasons to come (the remainder of my life), but a prophet and apostle.  May the Lord bless richly that congregation and leadership for what is to come in love, power and glory.  May the same be true for April and me. 

Back on January 31, I wrote in my journal of dreaming two nights before. "I dreamed of a clear thought overcoming me as the visual in the dream was of a computer screen tallying two columns of figures amounting to 90,000 (of something).  The clear thought (I can't say it was a voice) was Eli had won the Fulbright Scholarship he'd applied for months before.  This woke me up from a dead sleep.  It was the middle of the night.  I thought about waking April and telling her, but I fell back to sleep."

Monday night, Eli called April and me separately.  He told us he's been awarded the Fulbright Scholarship.  He'll study in England for a year in Leeds.  April, first, text me while I was at work to call her when I had a chance to hear some good news.  While I dragged a pallet jack behind the store with a younger colleague of mine, I called her.  She told me the news first.  Eli called me earlier, but I missed the called, and he left a voice mail.  I called him on the way home from work. He giggled as we celebrated together over the phone. This was the fulfillment of a lot of work and practice on Eli's part.  He was unable to express all his joy.  We're very proud of him!

I dreamed he was awarded the scholarship months before.  A couple weeks ago when we were in Tampa to see Eli perform at his senior recital, I told him about the dream.  I said I believed the dream was from God, but we'd have to wait and see what was going to happen.  Well, to our wonderful surprise, it was a prophetic dream come true.

In those days in January, I was refreshed with a series of encounters with God that renewed my spirit.  I needed to be refreshed as a prophet.  Was this the only way I'd have the dream telling me Eli was to receive the scholarship?  I don't think that's the way this works.  I'm just amazed by God.  I experienced a renewal of my prophetic gifting through encounters with Holy Spirit.  Then I had a prophetic dream that was manifested two months later.  I told Eli, again, about the dream as we laughed together on the phone as I drove home that night. Also, I told him seeing this dream fulfilled helps my faith.  He laughed.

It's true.  My faith has been refreshed.

We've had a lot of dreams and spiritual impressions since Christmas.  What's the next fulfillment of what's been conveyed to us?  I believe there's more to come.  In the meantime, we look forward to visiting Eli in England and celebrating Christmas in the land of John & Charles Wesley.