Friday, January 30, 2015

The Aircraft Carrier Dream (Some Days In January)

Two consecutive nights, I dreamed of being a college student.  There was no exam anxiety or assignment tension.  I was just a student attending classes.  April looked up the meaning of a student in a dream.  One of the meanings struck me.  It means what is past is coming into the present.  It could also mean a time of higher learning and submission in your life.

In a previous post, there's an account of a recent encounter with the Lord that refreshed my prophetic gifting (Some Days In January).  The past came forward into the present to renew my spiritual anointing in the area of the prophetic.  I was renewed, but what am I to do now?

I dreamed a couple nights ago.  I was at some kind of outdoor celebration involving a lot of people to whom I ministered and supported spiritually while a pastor in Marshall County.  This celebration commemorated the ending of something significant.  

It was time to leave the party.  I had to go into a brightly panted yellow building to leave the celebration (yellow means hope & gift of God).  I entered the building, and it was dark.  I could go nowhere but up a metal flight of steps.  I climbed the steps. I reached landings after each flight of stairs.  I wondered if anyone was following me.  I wasn't sure I was following someone ahead of me within the poorly lit stairwell I climbed.  

Suddenly, I realized I was in a large ship, an aircraft carrier.  Also, I was accompanied by Mark Harmon reprising his role as Jethro Gibbs in the TV show, NCIS.  We were going up together to the flight deck  When I made it, it was a beautiful day, and we were at sea.  I stood under an overhang.  I glanced back at Gibbs and wondered if he was coming with me.  He stood in front of a couple who looked at him, waiting for him to lead them elsewhere.  He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders as if saying he had to go with them.  I turned from him, and the dream ended.

A day later, as I walked in the morning, I prayed the Lord would speak to me.  He did. 

The aircraft carrier dream was remarkably similar to a prophetic vision a friend had about me a couple years ago. The Lord reminded me of my friend's vision just after I prayed for the Lord to speak.  In Taylor's vision, I ascended a mountain.  I got off the path and began to climb up through underbrush.  Staying on the path would lead me to the summit which was my destination.  Going off the path would get me to the summit quicker, but it was a more difficult track. At the summit, I laid aside a bag I carried.  I thought I would need what it contained, but I decided it wasn't necessary.  On the summit, I sprouted wings, lifted off and flew to unknown destinations.  

Climbing the mountain was climbing the steps.  I believe Gibbs was an angel who accompanied me up to the deck, but who wasn't suppose to accompany me to the next place.  Leaving the bag behind was like leaving Gibbs or the party. The bag could be ministry skills I won't need while leaving the farewell party could be the end of ministry relations.  Reaching the summit and sprouting wings to fly feels like making it to the flight deck where jets leave and from where I will fly to the unknown.  Before it was a carrier in the dream, it was a mountain in the vision. 

I believe I am at a time when God is reminding me of what I've been told in order to be prepared for what is coming.   God is about to do a new thing.  In these days, I'm learning afresh what I was told but in a contemporary fashion. These are some of the things I was reminded of this month. The focus is to be on today and not yesterday.  I am a prophet for today and for the future.  Oh, how he loves me. There are those things previously essential and even valued that are now left behind because I won't need them for where we're going. 

Through dreams and visions, encounters with God in worship or scripture reading, the Lord is sharing afresh his heart with us.  I'm doing my best to record and compile these events with reflections incorporated.  All I want to do is make God famous, and everyone who reads or hears from me to know he can be trusted.  

May the Lord share with you in a language you understand his destiny for you.  Its a wonderful time to be alive.

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