Saturday, February 7, 2015


I've thought about erasing my master's degree in divinity from my resume.  Perhaps, by so doing, I'd look less educated,  hirable and more normal.  Then the thought comes to me regularly, I'll never be normal. 

Wednesday night, April and I went to a life group at a nearby church.  It was church, nothing to beat a drum about for us.  We came home, talked about it, knew and felt like it was so much like churches we've known.  It disappointed us. 

There was a fresh awareness in me Thursday because of Wednesday night.  Church will radically change from what it is now.  We've heard prophets say it for quite a while

I return frequently these days to what I heard Larry Randolph say in early January.  He said the church will be radically different in days to come.  Radical means to the root. Changes coming to the church will be differences in culture, expression and operation down to the root.  This doesn't scare me as it might others. In fact, I believe its irreversible.  Change is coming.  

April shared with me this weekend an ongoing sense within her as she worships.  She feels we're suppose to reach intentionally in the Spirit for the next level of manifestation and expression.  It seems to be available to us now while its been out of reach to us in the past.  She went on to say we're about at the same place we were seven months ago. At first glance, things haven't changed much. In fact, we could be much more frustrated with our circumstances now than we were when we first moved to Anniston.  On the contrary, things have become more fluid and dynamic in the Spirit now.  That makes us more hope filled today than in months past. 

Recently, April received a scripture indirectly through a Bill Johnson sermon. It spoke to her of what she's heard in the Spirit over the past year or two. 

He said to them, "Go and tell that fox for me, 'Listen, I am casting out demons and performing cures today and tomorrow, and on the third day I finish my work.'" -- Luke 13: 32 

She's heard the expression of two days as she's looked out windows or read or worshiped over the last two years. She now believes we're in this season of rest to receive healing and deliverance, but the third day is about to come.  The Spirit's telling her to press into what is now available.  I'm sensing radical change is coming, first, for us and then the church, as a whole. 

Something came to me in words one night this week after our worship time.  I won't be content without doing the will of God.  April made it more exact for me - I won't be content outside my calling and anointing.   
No one I've talked to about my job search can understand why I haven't been able to secure employment. So many have offered advice freely.  None of it has produced fruit.  Even as some read this they're conceiving of what they can say and offer to us that could help us.  I know, but its obvious to us God has closed doors, and these same doors cannot be opened by anyone.  Clearly, we're suppose to stay focused on our calling and to concern ourselves with little else. 

I read Mark's version of the transfiguration story in chapter nine this week.  In light of knowing afresh I won't be content outside of my calling and anointing, I read Jesus' transfiguration with Moses and Elijah.  His calling and anointing is affirmed in this story.  The Transfiguration seals Jesus' destiny as the lamb of God, I believe.  His destiny will not lead him anywhere besides Jerusalem for crucifixion and resurrection.  The blessing given to me of the centrality of my contentment in nothing else but my calling and anointing is wonderful.  It focuses my life on the journey.   

My journey was prophetically depicted in the past by two visions a friend had while he was with me on separate occasions.  One vision I described in a previous post had me going off the path and climbing a mountain to reach the summit by navigating through underbrush and a much steeper ascent.  There was a second vision of traveling on a road, coming to a fork, going down a road full of debris, returning to the fork, going down the other road which was free and clear.  Both roads reached the same destination, but the second road got me there much sooner. 

Our calling will put us back on Sand Mountain to steward a place, we believe to be a farm. It will be  where the Presence of the Lord will abound to save, heal, deliver, impart Glory and inspire.  All of this will occur in worship, intercession, laying-on-of-hands, teaching and ministry to the area.  Our anointings are in the prophetic, healing, teaching, discernment and the apostolic (leading people in changing culture).   

Some may say this sounds like church.  You forget, church will change to the root.

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