Friday, March 6, 2015

Trash Day

Recently, I went for my morning walk.  I thought about just doing laps in the circle/cul-de-sac in front of the house.  As I walked, I just kept going down the street.  Thinking again, it would be better to walk out in the neighborhood.

I made it to the next block.  The trash truck had already made its rounds and emptied cans that morning.  I came upon a can.  On the ground beside it was a dirty diaper, a Gerber baby food plastic container, a smashed piece of blue plastic I thought could have been the lid to the container, and a lid to a Zaxby's to-go box. I pitched all of it into the open, empty can with the exception of the blue plastic broken lid pieces.

The next can I approached ten yards or so down the street had garbage on the ground beside it, as well.  As I came to the can willing to put those items in that open can as I did previously, I noticed something.  At the foot of the can were virtually identical items - a Gerber baby food plastic container, a smashed blue plastic lid, a dirty diaper, a Zaxby's to-go box (the exception being this one being a bottom and not a lid).  I put them in the open, empty can as I did before, and I knew God was speaking to me.

The items on the ground beside each trash can were in the same order and placement, right to left - smashed blue lid, baby food container, dirty diaper and Zaxby's box/lid.  OK, what does it mean?

I believe its a sign of what is over.  A baby eats food (finishes the contents and couldn't be returned to the container because the lid was in pieces), the baby relieves himself or herself in the diaper after eating, an adult eats his or her meal, and she or he knows where to relieve themselves.

A season or series of related seasons are clearly over.  For there to be two sets of these items, it emphasizes confirmation, witness of the end of a season.  This was or these were seasons of eating, digesting and passing along refuse after the nutrition was extracted.  There has been that which we've experienced or learned in these seasons in Albertville and Anniston after being shown and given a vision and destiny to steward the Presence of the Lord in a place and time where scores of broken ones will be restored, delivered, saved and made whole by God's grace and power on Sand Mountain.  Eating, digesting and absorbing all that's good and casting aside the waste.  There was that which only an infant could digest, and there was that which a mature digestive system could accept.  Perhaps these were separate and consecutive seasons. 

I approached home.  I always lap the cul-de-sac before going in.  As I walked in the circle, I noticed two buzzards perched in a dead tree.  I'd seen a pair of hawks in that same tree last year.  I've yet to see the return of the hawks this year.  Could it be the two buzzards (two, again) confirm the end of the season of eating and digesting?  Regardless, I believe they signal the end of something.

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