Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Flat Tire

I had a flat tire on my way to work recently.  I pulled over two blocks from home.  The rear, driver's side tire was absolutely deflated.  I changed it.  The spare was fully inflated.  Alleluia.  I called my employer's automated message service to report I'd be late.  All of this and changing the tire worked like a charm.  I thank my earthly father for teaching me - in this case, teaching me to change a tire with confidence.  Thank you, Lord, for my father, Harry.  Bless him, Lord, with your loving presence to bring him joy and peace in these days.  Alleluia.

I can't help but ask my heavenly Father what this flat tire might mean prophetically.  I wrote on this blog a couple days prior to the flat about the refreshing of my prophetic gifting in January, the dream about Eli receiving the scholarship and its fulfillment last month (Fulbright Dream, 4/1/15).  As I pulled away from the house and making my first turns, I knew one of the tires was flat.  When I stopped and looked at the tires and found the flat one, it came to me I sensed a few days before this could happen, and, suddenly, there was the manifestation.

As I walked in the cul-de-sac the next morning, I asked the Lord if there was anything I was to learn from this flat tire.  I walked, prayed and looked at the car.  I then had a subtle sense regarding that particular tire.  It was old and bald.  I believe its the oldest of the four.  The impression I had was its the last, original tire to be replaced - a sign of complete transition from what was to what is and will be.  In addition, a vehicle is a symbol of ministry.

I continue to recollect learning to change and the actual changing of tires.  This is one of those things I attribute to my father's teaching.  I changed my rear tires to snow tires on my first car, a '73 Chevelle, a hand-me-down from my brother.  The learning may have started there.

I remember talking to Eli on the phone when he had a flat on an interstate in Florida.  I went to our Dodge Caravan, unpacked my jack and talked him through loosening nuts, engaging the jack, lifting the car and changing the tire.  This was the most dramatic.

I also recall getting to Anna when she hit a curb and had a flat in Albertville and changing the tire in an Episcopal church parking lot late one night.  I was feeling put out, but it all worked out.

Must there be a prophetic message in every innocuous event or experience?  Must we assume God speaks in every occasion?  Well, I've grown accustomed to expect the Lord to speak everyday.  The Lord's words and expressions are often treasures that must be sought.  Those who ask, seek and knock are those who find.  Not everyone pursues because we're prone to be skeptical. 

Over the recent years through hearing testimonies of the seekers finding and the hungry being filled, I've chosen not to be skeptical but expectant.  Sometimes, those who begin to accomplish things in a gifted area have success simply because they believe they could be gifted, being less skeptical, not paying attention to the cynics and believing God has created them to be something more than they've settled for in the past.

A mere flat tire can reveal the will of God for a person who's willing to pay attention.  When I walked and prayed the morning I asked for clarity, I believe I received and with it came hope and joy, hope amidst our circumstances and joy that I'd heard from the Father. 

A mere flat tire caused me to thank my heavenly Father for my earthly father and renewed within me hope for our future.  What common place experiences in your life have the Lord orchestrated to speak to you of what is true in your present or compelling you to lean forward gazing at your future?  I encourage you to pay attention and give thanks for a heavenly Father who speaks.

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