Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Furniture From Behind the Curtain

I dreamed earlier this week.  There was a lot going on, including throwing Frisbees, but I mostly remember one thing. I walked into a room.  A color, console TV was on.  Someone was sitting on the carpeted floor in front of it.  Dr. Charles Stanley, a Baptist TV preacher and author from First Baptist in Atlanta, was preaching.  I said, "My mother loved Charles Stanley."

I was then in the congregation near the front.  I didn't hear Charles Stanley say a word, but I knew he was preaching about Acts 2, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and moving as in relocating.  As a metaphor in the sermon, he directed what was behind a curtain to be brought out on the dais.  Identical pieces of furniture were already on the platform - two chairs and a communion table (all I can recall) - were brought out from behind a curtain.  These pieces had been in storage and were covered in dust.

Could this be a prophetic sign we're moving our dust covered items, including ministry items, out of storage around Pentecost - end of May, first of June? 

Back in July, I referenced Doug Addison, a prophet from California (High & Extended, 7/11/14).  He wrote on his ministry blog (http://dougaddison.com/2015/04/prophetic-word-opportunity-knocking/) last week, "April would be a time when new doors of opportunity would be opening. It will take 'rising above' your current situation to gain higher levels of revelation. Well, opportunities are now knocking. Get ready to open the door and watch things begin to happen quickly."  I find it ironic Doug writes it will take rising above your current situation to gain revelation while the last time I referenced Doug Addison was in a post entitled High & Extended.  Interesting.

I believe I've written before not everyone appreciates or accepts what's labelled prophetic if its not in the Bible.  I understand that.  You have to value the sources of such utterances before you accept what is said.  I agree.  For me, Doug speaks to me when he writes.  If he's right, he's right.  If he's wrong, he needs to refrain from sharing and calling it prophetic.  I'm going to refer to what he's written recently, and how it's applicable to our circumstances.  If this isn't your cup of tea, I encourage you to stop reading.  If your interested in what follows, I pray it speaks to you, as well.

Doug writes, "It is a time of acceleration but it might appear to take you by surprise. Just as the enemy brings surprise attacks, God is opening surprise blessings. These open doors and the release of higher-level revelation will require you to rise above your situation and circumstances. In other words, it might not look like a blessing at first."

I'm still not sure what he means by rising above your circumstances.  I tend to believe he means to gaze high and expect more in these days despite what's going on.  Surprises are bound to happen, but blessings may be in disguise.  Choppy times will need to be eclipsed.  "God will use what may seem like opposition."  Doug continues, "It is actually the wind of change that is here to bring strategic repositioning that will set you up for advancement."  This comforts us.  

He writes he had another dream.  He was on a beach playing Frisbee with a prophetic leader he knew (In the lead paragraph of this post I mentioned dreaming of throwing Frisbees, too). "The wind increased and would blow my Frisbee tosses back into my own hands. Then he threw it to me and it caught the wind. I was able to catch it on my index finger, which represents gaining greater direction.

"This is what things may feel like right now for many people." Doug writes, "Your efforts to break through haven’t seemed to amount to much. Watch for the wind of the Spirit to shift to your favor and see direction come as the month progresses."  We have definitely felt this over the last couple years.  I claim this in faith.  For me to dream of throwing a Frisbee the night before I read this post is kind of cool.  I've learned often coincidence is the language of the Spirit.

Doug continues by writing we shouldn't be alarmed.  Embracing the pain of change will help in these days. Don't choose to view change as setbacks.  Don't panic and stay focused. 

"Don’t be distracted or get too busy." Doug writes, "With this new wind of change here it will bring many 'dry bones' (my post, A Dream Anniversary, 2/26/14) and dead dreams to life. The natural tendency of this sudden burst of new life and energy will tempt you to try to start running too early. Pace yourself and let the refreshment of the Holy Spirit revive your vision first. As you do this it will allow you to pace yourself for greater things that are yet to come."

This particular point of insight reminds me of April's recent dreams when she's heard the word, "cyclops."  I've believed that to mean to stay focused.  Don't be distracted or misdirected.

The relevance of this post from Doug to me ends with his insistence for the reader to track all that God is saying to us. "Journal, draw or write out what you are hearing and dreaming. Clarity will increase as you consistently do this."

He concluded by conveying a dream he had recently of a white worm eating the words off his computer screen after he'd type.

"When I realized this was happening, I woke up, prayed and broke this attack over others and myself. Don’t back down from writing or releasing your message. It will help people and it is a major part of what God is calling us to do right now."

I've expressed frustration in feeling tired in my soul since I acquired my new job.  When I've had time to write, I haven't had the energy or focus to devote myself to it.  Maybe for me to post and journal what I believe God is speaking in these days is my rising above my circumstances.  Just sticking to it and recording what I can and believing the anointing will guide me to write and give testimony has brought me to write.

Again, if this kind of post is not your cup of tea, I will not insist you should continue to read my musing and reflections and experiences.  I don't even insist you should believe what I write.  My business is to write what I believe God is saying and doing and that all this will inspires generations to come worship him (Psalm 102: 18-22).   What I will always write and say with boldness is these are wonderful days to be alive, and what is to come will eclipse the past.  I invite you to follow along and see what the Lord is and will do.  Alleluia. Selah.

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