Saturday, June 20, 2015

Going Home

I worked until 10 p.m. one night recently.  As my shift was nearing its end, and I washed the prep room floor, one of my colleagues from a nearby department came in the room.  He looked for me to inflate balloons for a customer without saying a word.  We provide that service, and he had four balloons in hand, but sighed when he caught sight of me washing the floor.  Without lifting my head or changing my posture, I asked how many balloons.  He said four and that he could do it. He inflated them with helium and headed for the door.  I thanked him.

The next morning I asked April what the number four meant prophetically.  She said Holy Spirit and works of humanity and works of the land.  All of those make sense in light of what followed the night before.

A few minutes after my colleague left, I neared completion of the floor and my shift.  An employee I'd never seen before came in and startled me by saying, "Are you through with this pallet jack?"  I said, "Yes, by all means, take it."  He stopped and said, "You look ready to go home."  I said I was, putting the last touches on the floor and sweating.

A moment or two after he left I thought the term "home" meant more than where I lay my head.  I want it to mean where I belong. I never considered Sand Mountain as home, but it is, and I'm ready to go home.  Its where we belong.

That night I got a sign of a pending word from the Lord.  The Holy Spirit was about to speak about hope (the prophetic meaning of the color yellow which was the color of the balloons) and the home ground - 4 balloons inflated.  We are about to be elevated to our home, our land, where God will bless his world and fulfill our destinies.  Alleluia.  Selah.

Its where our destiny in God is found.  Its where we will return and steward a "farm" where the Presence will abound as worship is ongoing.  The sick and troubled and hopeless will come and receive what only the Lord can give.  The land will be where people from all over the world will come to be inspired and granted wisdom and insight for their communities and governmental and corporate responsibilities.

The Presence of the Lord will abound, and there will be a portal for angelic activity from heaven to earth and earth to heaven.  There will be healing rooms for dear ones to come and receive prayer for healing of all forms.  This will be a ministry and a place that will be known everywhere, and it will be far beyond anything April and I have conceived or considered.  This is our home, and it will be where we will find our home, and we're ready.

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