Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One Sunday In June (Triple Crown)

But he looked at them and said, "What then does this text mean: 'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?'"
-- Luke 20: 17

Sunday morning as I was preparing to go with April and Anna to worship, I read what Doug Addison posted on Facebook that morning, to expect the Lord to speak through a person brought to you.

Also, before we left, I noticed a song had played repeatedly on one of our iTune playlists that morning (9 hours of music and on random play mode).  It was Oceans from Hillsong.  The praise team at Word Alive, sure enough, sang it in worship, and the Spirit stirred the congregation powerfully.  The chorus reads, "Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me."  I leaned over to April in worship and said, "How many times do I need to hear this song?"

During worship, April told us later she saw in her spirit angels gathering on Sand Mountain.

The morning message was brought by Daniel, the director of 7 Springs Ministries on the campus of Word Alive.  I took notes on what he shared.

Chuck Pierce lost his twins to death several years ago.  The Lord told him to visit Civil War battle sites.  In traveling, God told him to get off I-20 at the Coldwater, AL exit.  As he did, the Lord told him to declare "a double portion/anointing" for this area.  Chuck has also said the state of Alabama will be a forerunner in the coming worldwide revival.  April told me later in a dream Saturday night/Sunday morning I had two babies.  She thought, in light of what Daniel shared, the two babies represented a young and growing double portion/anointing.  In Jesus' name, we claim the double portion for these days!

In the message, Daniel shared about growing more acquainted with revival and prophetic language and symbols.  When he grew more desirous for revival in Alabama and believing what Chuck said about this state, he heard repeatedly from multiple sources the phrase, "Redigging the ancient wells."  He started asking for confirmation of what he heard and was it truly prophetic.

He ran across a prophecy Smith Wigglesworth shared with Lester Sumrall, two true revivalists of their day in the early 20th century.  He spoke of the greatest worldwide revival/move of God to come.  It was Lester Sumrall that ordained Kent & Bev Mattox.  They were later drawn to Coldwater, AL, the place of the double portion, to start Word Alive International Outreach.

Daniel was given scripture.  One verse was Habakkuk 3:2, "Renew your deeds in this day (I was given this verse by the Spirit when we lived in Albertville)."  In a prophecy of the coming revival from Bob Jones he read after Bob's death on Valentine's Day, 2014, The Glory Train Is Coming, he quoted Hab. 3:2 and the phrase, "Redigging the ancient wells."  Daniel prayed for confirmation this was something he could trust was a word from the Lord. His spiritual mother told him days later he should look for and expect sign posts pointing to the pending move of God and where Alabama is a forerunner.  The sign post would be a triple crown, she said.

Back in '12 when April was going to Anniston to visit her brother, Stan, in the hospital before he died, she saw a cloud in the shape of a crown as she drove through Alexandria on 431 near Coldwater.  In '13 on a Sunday morning in a time of worship at our house, April saw Jesus come into the room and put a crown on my head.

Two Saturdays ago, American Pharaoh won horse racing's Triple Crown.  When I found out about the win, I said to Anna, "I wonder if that means something prophetic?"  Revival is on the verge.

Anna dreamed last Saturday night as April dreamed about me having two babies.  One of the characteristics of the coming move of God Daniel affirmed on Sunday is the transfer of wealth.  Anna dreamed of painting toenails. One of the dream interpretations of painted toenails Anna found was the transference of wealth.

Daniel also talked about a Joseph anointing in these days.  Our friend, Carol, said months ago she believed I carried a Joseph anointing - being in a limited set of circumstances (prison) for a season that positions one to be in a place of honor in a palace in a day.  Great God, a nation can be saved in a day (Isa. 66: 8). Alleluia. Selah.

He also talked about the disqualified are the qualified in this coming move of God.  We heard Bishop Joseph Garlington say years ago, "What qualifies you, disqualifies you, and what disqualifies you, qualifies you."  

April and I debriefed Monday morning about our mutual experiences on Sunday.  We were in awe about Sunday morning, and what was brought back to our memories, and what confirmations came forth for us in this season.  While this is true, we remain invisible to so many even after we share with them our destiny in God.  The invisible nature of our condition will make our emergence all the more a work of God.  These are wonderful days to be alive.

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