Monday, July 27, 2015

The Hour Is At Hand

Then he came to the disciples and said to them, “Are you still sleeping and taking your rest? See, the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Get up, let us be going. See, my betrayer is at hand.”  -- Matthew 25: 45-46

Jesus tells the disciples they will all be deserters because of him.  He tells the intimate group of Peter, James and John they should pray not to come into trial.  They couldn't stay awake in the garden as he prayed.  Regardless, the hour is at hand.

The Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners in Matthew 25.  The little misunderstandings, Peter saying he'd never desert, the heaviness of eyes are all irrelevant.  The hour is at hand.  The tide has turned.  The little things and human frailties are nothing.  The hour has come.   All that's been prophesied and promised is at hand and will come about.  Whether you're prepped, able, rested, prayed up or not, the hour has come.  The wave is going to take your feet out from under you whether you want it to or not.  The hour has come, and the tide has turned.

Last Sunday, in reading the parable of the talents in Matthew, I knew that day the parable was about revelation.  The hours and days that followed contained discoveries and treasures only God could reveal (Daniel Boyd, posted 7/23/15).  This recent Sunday, through the Daily Office lectionary in the Book of Common Prayer, Jesus declares the hour has come.  So, we declare because it is now set before us to declare in this watch - Father, not my will, but yours be done.  Yes, in the mystery that is the God we worship and to whom we surrender our lives, the hour is at hand.  Where we will be, and what the Lord will say next Sunday remains a mystery, and, perhaps needs to be.

What is at hand has not been disclosed.  What may be going on and what's being wrestled with will not deter the significance of the hour in which we live.  Something mysterious is at hand through the will and heart of God.  My will is not important in this hour.  I do not want to be captivated by my own wishes and motivated to see personal needs met.  Not my will, but yours be done. 

Jesus prayed for the cup to pass from him, but not his will but the Father's will be done.  Jesus prayed and sweated then accepted his fate and the hour.  It was now at hand.  The betrayer had come.

April reminded me it was in the second watch Jesus was in the garden and arrested.  It's been prophesied to us as forerunners we're in the second watch, the darkest hour, and midnight is at hand (Nine O'clock, posted 7/25/15).  I, therefore, declare the hour is at hand. Alleluia.  I pray in faith not for my will, but the Lord's will be done.

Lord, my God, Daddy God, I trust your will.  Your will be done in this hour, this day your will is best.  Bring about your desires and heartbeat for us and our spirits, souls and bodies.  Daddy God, I trust you.  I will hear your voice as you disclose and direct.  Your will fulfilled is my heart's desire.  I claim my place with you and in you.  Alleluia.  The hour is at hand.  Not my will, but yours be done.  Praise God!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nine O'clock

April dreamed last month of a clock face reading nine o'clock.  She found that nine means visitation & deliverance. We claimed both in Jesus' name.

She researched the number nine further. The ninth hour is the beginning of the second watch, from nine to midnight, the darkest watch.  When she dreamed, we were in the beginning of The Verizon Squeeze (posted, 6/24/15).  We've also experienced physical discomfort.  The last couple weeks have been troubled, but, all the more, the Lord is our complete source.  Alleluia.

Earlier this week, I read of the calming of the storm in Mark 4.

But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke him up and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”  -- Mark 4: 38

I might be making a stretch, but the calming of the storm in Mark 4 sounds like, to me, it took place in the second watch, nine to midnight.  Nine means visitation and deliverance.  In the second watch, according to April, contending is necessary.  The disciples cry out and contend for deliverance.  Jesus asks them, "Where is your faith?"

April dreams of the clock face on June 21-22.  On June 19, I made the error in the Verizon payment that created The Squeeze.  A couple days after, I was in the throws of an infection.  After that eased, I've experienced a reduction in my hearing due to wax in my left ear and muscle aches due to my employment.

The prophecy Karen sent us a few days ago from Charisma Magazine ( speaks of attacks on finances and bodies and circumstances of the forerunners of the coming revival being relieved at the end of the second watch.

Suddenly, I saw pools of water forming around these front-line leaders and forerunners in the midst of the battle. Nothing had changed . . . but there was a new level of intimacy being opened up for them as they remain steadfast in faith. Encounters with His heart like they have never had before while in the chaos of the battle. A deep refreshing was coming to these ones. An increase of visions, prophetic dreams and encounters (God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain, posted 7/20/15 & Daniel Boyd, posted 7/23/15) that was seeing them begin to stand up in the midst of this battle and walk forward in boldness.

As they moved forward, the enemy began to retreat, farther and farther back. I then noticed that as they were moving forward in boldness and a deep refreshment that had taken place in these encounters, I saw the body of Christ as a whole and in the middle I saw a clock. It looked like a normal clock face with numbers and clock hands, but then also on the clock face were various quadrants which represented seasons the body of Christ was moving into.

I saw the hour hand was seconds away from midnight, but still in the "contending season" quadrant. As these ones moved forward they began to speak out declarations and heavenly revelations the Lord had given them in these encounters and suddenly the clock began to shake. It was like an earthquake was happening in the middle of the clock and suddenly I saw the clock hand move to midnight and then again suddenly forward into "harvest revival increase time."

The "knowing" then came over me that many of these forefront leaders and forerunners have been under such assault because the Lord is releasing through them the revelations (Daniel Boyd, posted 7/23/15) and kingdom keys to shift the body of Christ into "harvest revival increase time," but at an accelerated pace. Moving the people of God into a time of great revival within the body of Christ and releasing revival to the world. 

We remain in the second watch.  In the meantime, we contend and make declarations of what's been revealed and shared with us.  The harvest time approaches.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daniel Boyd

One night last week I dreamed.  I was at Dad's house.  It was nighttime. I was in the front room, and the house was bigger than in reality.  I was with the group of people who were preparing for a Christmas party.  Kids riding on a parade float stopped in front of the house.  The party was for the kids as an act of ministry.

There was a young man named Daniel Boyd, a blond haired teenager.  He was not helping in the preparations.  He would just flop down on chairs and pretend being asleep.  After one flop, he knocked down one of the volunteers.  I grabbed Daniel by the jacket he wore and told him to help or go home.  He laid there with his eyes closed and a sheepish grin on his face.  I told him he apparently didn't understand, so I'd tell him again.  With that, he opened his eyes with a surprised look.  I told him if he wasn't there to help, he needed to go home.

I told April about the dream in the morning.  She looked up the meaning of Daniel.  It meant God is judge.  Boyd meant blond or yellow, which was the color of his hair.

A couple days later, I read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.

For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.  -- Matt. 25: 29

It was so obvious to me that morning the parable had to do with revelation received.  I can't explain it all, but it has to do with receiving from the master to keep and steward.  Two of the servants take his treasure and turn it into more.  The one that buries the one coin takes the little truth he or she had and did nothing with it outside the Presence and watchful eye of the master.  The master gets so angry with that servant!  This has nothing to do with earthly riches.

A few days later, I was inspired again to write out our vision for the farm on Sand Mountain.  Our friend, Karen, sent me a prophecy from Charisma Magazine that spoke to our circumstances.  Lastly, I found on the internet JoAnna from the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, giving her testimony of the Lord speaking to her regarding her destiny.  This, also, to some degree, sounded like us.  All three of these items of info sounded revelatory.  

As I meditated on these three pieces of communication that, I believe, came from the Holy Spirit, I read a prophetic word written by Lance Wallnau.  Within it, he referenced Daniel from scripture.  This triggered in me recollecting my Daniel Boyd dream.  I considered my actions and words in that dream.  I was the only one with authority in Dad's house to say and do what I did ("If you won't help us, go home!").  Daniel, meaning God is judge, was startled with a wide eyed gaze.

I shared this new found insight with April.  I was overwhelmed by the thought I was the only one to speak what, I now believe, only I was one capable of speaking.  I then stood up and declared to God's glory for any spiritual entities or power to either help us enter the doors of our destiny or to go home.  Help or get out of the way, in Jesus' name.  April agreed with me and felt the Lord in what I declared.  Anna came in our bedroom a little later and said something significant was supposed to happen that day.  Alleluia.

Also, as I declared, April felt the Spirit recall within her a dream from years ago of what she believed to be an angel named David Arquette, meaning "beloved archer (not meaning the movie star)."  She believed it was time for this angel to arise and initiate the beginning of revival in this region.  More revelation? Perhaps. Not everyone would agree.

I believe the Lord through dreams and inspirations conveyed revelations to encourage and direct us into faith and actions for these days.  We were given 'talents' from the master.  If we buried them, we would be like the one who may lose the little she or he has.  In declaring, sharing and writing, I'm acting on what I believe the Lord has given me.  How will you be faithful to what revelation the Lord has given you recently?

Monday, July 20, 2015

God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain

I was recently inspired to compose and post the vision God has given April and me.  As we ministered the last few years as ordained elders in the United Methodist Church, specifically at a church in Albertville, AL, the Lord drew us close to himself in ways, expressions and encounters we never thought possible as pastors in a respectable, mainline denomination.

These encounters compelled us to be faithful in bringing heaven to earth for the sake of all whom God loves.  Sand Mountain became the land to which we were drawn, and worship was to be the portal through which the presence of the Lord would come to earth to save, heal and deliver.  We're called to steward this land and portal.

I have family, friends and acquaintances that asked and still ask or think why we couldn't do something like this as ordained ministers, which we're no longer.  The little I choose to say about this is the calling and vision didn't permit us the burden of remaining under the yoke of obedience to a denomination.  This direction, we believe, given by the Holy Spirit, set us on a course where we could only depend on the instruction and comfort of God as we wait and remain attentive to the Lord's voice.

We've been humbled. We've felt vulnerable as we've endured spiritually parched places, financial struggles that have practically left us destitute and absolutely left us dependent on the charity of family and friends. There are costs to following and leaning into the will of God with all you are. 

This is not to compel readers to express sympathy for us as we reach for what few have dared to seek.  On the contrary, I'm directed by the Holy Spirit to compose this now so you who read know what the vision remains, and what is to come.  I write this, perhaps, for no other reason than for you recognize the movement of God in and around us when it happens.  "Oh, is that what it's suppose to be! Praise God!"

The vision begins with a farm where the presence of the Lord will dwell. April was approached by a stranger at a prayer meeting two years ago. We hadn't told anyone anything of our vision. He told her he could see in his spirit her standing on a porch looking out over a field of corn stalks. He then kept saying, "Land, land, land."  Probably not a working farm, but property that was or could be.  It will be on Sand Mountain.

At the farm, the barn will be a worship center for on-going worship with healing rooms.  In the rooms, pairs of people will pray for and minister to those looking for particular healing in emotions, body and spirit.

The nations will come for healing.

Healing will take place just walking on the land.

Children will come and be healed and restored from wounds caused by abusive/neglectful/addicted parents.

There will be a peace and joy that will be palpable.

God will rescue the captive from the fierce warrior.

All will see God’s salvation on this Holy Mountain.

It will be a new Jerusalem:  a place where heaven comes to earth and God’s presence resides.

It will be a Christian think tank where people from all over will come to dream and hear from God for their communities.

At various times these scriptures were given to confirm the vision:
Psalm 18:19, (he set my feet on a broad place - Sand Mountain is the largest plateau east of the Mississippi)
Psalm 90:16-17, (show you splendor to your children; establish (prosper) the work of your hands)
Isaiah 35, (strength, growth, prosperity, healing, holiness)
Isaiah 43:18-21, (a new thing, a people formed for praise)
Isaiah 44:4, (poplar branches)
Isaiah 49:8-9, (set the captives free)
Isaiah 54, (enlarge the place of your tent)
Isaiah 55:5 (you will summon nations you do not know)
Isaiah 61:1-4 (Jesus' anointing given to April; the mission).

We have not been given a vision to accomplish through human determination and grit.  We're called by God to steward a calling, an anointing, a farm for God's glory manifested on the earth.  Pray for us and believe in the unfolding of the greatest days in human history.  Selah.  Alleluia.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bring Him What You Are

 And he stood up, and immediately took the mat and went out before all of them; so that they were all amazed and glorified God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”  -- Mark 2: 12
Great God, I love you.  We have never seen anything like this!  Alleluia.

"Bring him your best.  Give him your best."

These statements, and their variations, I've heard all my life.  These sentiments are true and with pure intentions, I believe; however, this story in Mark 2 of the paralytic being brought or coming to Jesus for healing involves the best being brought.  That's what he brings, a broken, sick body.

Regardless of proper theology or bringing your best, the four who carried him moved heaven and earth to get him to Jesus.  All this has to do with bringing all you are and have to the Lord of all.  They hold nothing back.  

This story and any of the healing stories reflect the same, I believe.  This is what I am, a paralytic, a leper, a blind man, etc., and I come to you, Jesus.  This is who I am, what I am, Jesus.  Only you can make me new.  

Bringing your best should be a lifestyle.  Bringing to Jesus what we have and who we are to the bone is equally as significant.  Its all yours, Lord, and all I am - broken, sick, weak, overwhelmed, strong, well, prosperous, complete.  I spiritually, soulishly and physically give it all to you.  All of it.  Better yet, all I am and have is yours.  I do so in worship and praise.  I give it all for your purposes and glory.

"This morning, I come to you with little money, hearing well from only one ear, with my hands broken out, my right hand is tingling from impediment in circulation, and bearing the scars of a recent staph infection.  Lord, I give you what I am and have for you to heal and restore me.  I come to you to be made whole.  This is all I am, this morning.  Your son is in need.  Heal and restore me, I ask.  I come in faith.  I know there's no one like you." 

After praying and writing this prayer yesterday, the prevailing impression that followed was to confess what I am and have.  I confessed out loud in the bedroom, "I am the healed.  I am the prosperous.  I am anointed.  All in light of what Christ has done for all of us."

Reading about the paralyzed being brought or wanting to be brought is real.  Its good to recognize your own need.  Its even better to seek the One who is eager to graciously bless, save and make whole.  Those who seek him find him waiting to forgive like only God can.  Consequently, everything he does graciously for those who seek him is what only God can do.  Alleluia.

What is the best I bring him?  I bring to him what I am.  My religiosity speaks and tells me the Lord doesn't want me to show how incomplete I am, how broken I remain, or sick or weak or poor.  To be fair and accurate, the religious spirit wants me to remain distant and aloof from my Lord.  If I came to Jesus and said, "Help me, only you can do it," that would position me a step closer to an authentic, honest relationship.  This is not what the religious spirit wants.  Such a spirit wants you ashamed of yourself and scared of God.

What is the best I can bring him?  I will bring to him what I am.  I am complete in him (Col. 2: 9, 10a).  I am saved by virtue of what he's done for all of us.  I believe it and have experienced it.  Life breaks me down.  I come to him as I am, not pretending to be perfect but knowing he knows my needs before I ask.  I come to him and ask in faith for restoration.  He is my life and hope.

What is the best I bring him?  I bring him what I am.  My Lord and God, I am yours.  I love and trust you.  I am in you and you in me.  I trust you as the healer and restorer of all good things.  Alleluia!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surveying the Earth

I got out of bed to go to the bathroom at 6:56 a.m. recently.  As I walked through the bedroom, I thought 6:56 could be a chapter and verses.  Zechariah came to mind again by time I made it back to the bedroom.  I went back to sleep.  I looked up Zech. 6: 5-6 when I woke up completely.

The angel answered me, “These are the four winds of heaven going out, after presenting themselves before the Lord of all the earth. The chariot with the black horses goes toward the north country, the white ones go toward the west country, and the dappled ones go toward the south country.”

Beforehand, I dreamed an old Bible was opened to Zech. 6: 1-6.  In verse 1, the chariots came between two mountains of bronze.  April said later perhaps the two mountains were Sand and Cheaha or Sand and Coldwater where Chuck Pierce pronounced a double portion anointing for the area.

I said to April Zech. 1: 11 (which I referenced in Pleased, Peace & Relax, 7/12/15) and 6: 1-6 both describe angelic and spiritual activity in surveying the earth.  I believe this is suppose to tell us there's specific activity and surveying going on right now, perhaps for our benefit and purpose.

The verses from Psalm 102 that stirred afresh in me a calling to ministry years ago made mention of surveying the earth.  It revealed to me the compassionate heart of the Father when I needed to know again God's heart for the world.

“'God looked out from his high holy place;
    from heaven he surveyed the earth.
He listened to the groans of the doomed,
    he opened the doors of their death cells.'”

Does this referencing to surveying tell us anything new?  I believe the Spirit wants us to know there is activity.  I know I've heard and read of prophetic insights from several sources that have spoken of angels surveying the earth in these days. 

Surveying the earth by the Lord with angelic activity leads to divine action.  I just heard Graham Cooke say in a message on You Tube the Lord always acts deliberately and not by accident or chance.  I believe the angels and heavenly hosts are actively seeking and observing.  What is to come may not be predictable, but divine action is due in this world.

I remain convinced the Lord is pleased with us, we possess peace from heaven, and we can comfortably relax.  We will be witnesses of God's activities in opening cell doors and rejoicing wildly.  Alleluia.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pleased, Peace & Relax

Thankfully, the squeeze ended.  Now, in subtle ways, the Spirit has spoken.  More accurately, I'm listening and paying attention outside The Verizon Squeeze (The Verizon Squeeze posted 6/24/15) while the Spirit speaks.

April said every time she looks at the clock now days, day or night, its 1:11.  I felt compelled to look at Mark 1:11.  And a voice came from heaven, 'You are my beloved Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased. 

A man named Steve at Word Alive came to us while we attended a conference at the church.  He hugged us, without knowing us at all, and told us the Lord was pleased with us.  Mark 1:11 reiterates what is still true for us today.  Pleased.

After reading Mark 1:11, I was inspired, I believe by the Spirit, to read Zechariah 1:11 - Then they spoke to the angel of the Lord who was standing in the midst of the myrtle tress, 'We have patrolled the earth, and lo, the whole earth remains at peace.'  A few days before, I looked up the meaning of my name.  Jeffrey means heavenly peace.  I'd forgotten.  I've been declaring this since over me.  He is my peace (Eph. 2:14), and I possess heavenly peace.  Peace.

Several days ago before I got out of bed one morning, April recalled the days we took long car trips with the kids.  She'd put a couple dots and strokes on a pad of paper and asked the kids to make a picture from the those marks.  In bed, I envisioned a legal pad with a few marks.  I then saw the word "relax" with letters written vertically and in various sizes.  I believed then and do today it was God speaking.  Relax.

Doug Addison wrote a couple confirming words over the last week.  First, "Staying at peace is a key to getting through obstacles, and it will shift the spiritual atmosphere around you."  Two days before, he wrote, "Relax and let things unfold over the next few weeks."

While circumstances have not changed for us, we made it through The Verizon Squeeze while still declaring God's goodness and faithfulness.  I believe, as a result, the Spirit has spoken in ways that were hard to resist or miss.  Our God is pleased with us, heavenly and divine peace is ours, and relax.  Selah.

Alleluia to our God!