Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daniel Boyd

One night last week I dreamed.  I was at Dad's house.  It was nighttime. I was in the front room, and the house was bigger than in reality.  I was with the group of people who were preparing for a Christmas party.  Kids riding on a parade float stopped in front of the house.  The party was for the kids as an act of ministry.

There was a young man named Daniel Boyd, a blond haired teenager.  He was not helping in the preparations.  He would just flop down on chairs and pretend being asleep.  After one flop, he knocked down one of the volunteers.  I grabbed Daniel by the jacket he wore and told him to help or go home.  He laid there with his eyes closed and a sheepish grin on his face.  I told him he apparently didn't understand, so I'd tell him again.  With that, he opened his eyes with a surprised look.  I told him if he wasn't there to help, he needed to go home.

I told April about the dream in the morning.  She looked up the meaning of Daniel.  It meant God is judge.  Boyd meant blond or yellow, which was the color of his hair.

A couple days later, I read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.

For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.  -- Matt. 25: 29

It was so obvious to me that morning the parable had to do with revelation received.  I can't explain it all, but it has to do with receiving from the master to keep and steward.  Two of the servants take his treasure and turn it into more.  The one that buries the one coin takes the little truth he or she had and did nothing with it outside the Presence and watchful eye of the master.  The master gets so angry with that servant!  This has nothing to do with earthly riches.

A few days later, I was inspired again to write out our vision for the farm on Sand Mountain.  Our friend, Karen, sent me a prophecy from Charisma Magazine that spoke to our circumstances.  Lastly, I found on the internet JoAnna from the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, giving her testimony of the Lord speaking to her regarding her destiny.  This, also, to some degree, sounded like us.  All three of these items of info sounded revelatory.  

As I meditated on these three pieces of communication that, I believe, came from the Holy Spirit, I read a prophetic word written by Lance Wallnau.  Within it, he referenced Daniel from scripture.  This triggered in me recollecting my Daniel Boyd dream.  I considered my actions and words in that dream.  I was the only one with authority in Dad's house to say and do what I did ("If you won't help us, go home!").  Daniel, meaning God is judge, was startled with a wide eyed gaze.

I shared this new found insight with April.  I was overwhelmed by the thought I was the only one to speak what, I now believe, only I was one capable of speaking.  I then stood up and declared to God's glory for any spiritual entities or power to either help us enter the doors of our destiny or to go home.  Help or get out of the way, in Jesus' name.  April agreed with me and felt the Lord in what I declared.  Anna came in our bedroom a little later and said something significant was supposed to happen that day.  Alleluia.

Also, as I declared, April felt the Spirit recall within her a dream from years ago of what she believed to be an angel named David Arquette, meaning "beloved archer (not meaning the movie star)."  She believed it was time for this angel to arise and initiate the beginning of revival in this region.  More revelation? Perhaps. Not everyone would agree.

I believe the Lord through dreams and inspirations conveyed revelations to encourage and direct us into faith and actions for these days.  We were given 'talents' from the master.  If we buried them, we would be like the one who may lose the little she or he has.  In declaring, sharing and writing, I'm acting on what I believe the Lord has given me.  How will you be faithful to what revelation the Lord has given you recently?

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