Monday, July 20, 2015

God's Salvation On This Holy Mountain

I was recently inspired to compose and post the vision God has given April and me.  As we ministered the last few years as ordained elders in the United Methodist Church, specifically at a church in Albertville, AL, the Lord drew us close to himself in ways, expressions and encounters we never thought possible as pastors in a respectable, mainline denomination.

These encounters compelled us to be faithful in bringing heaven to earth for the sake of all whom God loves.  Sand Mountain became the land to which we were drawn, and worship was to be the portal through which the presence of the Lord would come to earth to save, heal and deliver.  We're called to steward this land and portal.

I have family, friends and acquaintances that asked and still ask or think why we couldn't do something like this as ordained ministers, which we're no longer.  The little I choose to say about this is the calling and vision didn't permit us the burden of remaining under the yoke of obedience to a denomination.  This direction, we believe, given by the Holy Spirit, set us on a course where we could only depend on the instruction and comfort of God as we wait and remain attentive to the Lord's voice.

We've been humbled. We've felt vulnerable as we've endured spiritually parched places, financial struggles that have practically left us destitute and absolutely left us dependent on the charity of family and friends. There are costs to following and leaning into the will of God with all you are. 

This is not to compel readers to express sympathy for us as we reach for what few have dared to seek.  On the contrary, I'm directed by the Holy Spirit to compose this now so you who read know what the vision remains, and what is to come.  I write this, perhaps, for no other reason than for you recognize the movement of God in and around us when it happens.  "Oh, is that what it's suppose to be! Praise God!"

The vision begins with a farm where the presence of the Lord will dwell. April was approached by a stranger at a prayer meeting two years ago. We hadn't told anyone anything of our vision. He told her he could see in his spirit her standing on a porch looking out over a field of corn stalks. He then kept saying, "Land, land, land."  Probably not a working farm, but property that was or could be.  It will be on Sand Mountain.

At the farm, the barn will be a worship center for on-going worship with healing rooms.  In the rooms, pairs of people will pray for and minister to those looking for particular healing in emotions, body and spirit.

The nations will come for healing.

Healing will take place just walking on the land.

Children will come and be healed and restored from wounds caused by abusive/neglectful/addicted parents.

There will be a peace and joy that will be palpable.

God will rescue the captive from the fierce warrior.

All will see God’s salvation on this Holy Mountain.

It will be a new Jerusalem:  a place where heaven comes to earth and God’s presence resides.

It will be a Christian think tank where people from all over will come to dream and hear from God for their communities.

At various times these scriptures were given to confirm the vision:
Psalm 18:19, (he set my feet on a broad place - Sand Mountain is the largest plateau east of the Mississippi)
Psalm 90:16-17, (show you splendor to your children; establish (prosper) the work of your hands)
Isaiah 35, (strength, growth, prosperity, healing, holiness)
Isaiah 43:18-21, (a new thing, a people formed for praise)
Isaiah 44:4, (poplar branches)
Isaiah 49:8-9, (set the captives free)
Isaiah 54, (enlarge the place of your tent)
Isaiah 55:5 (you will summon nations you do not know)
Isaiah 61:1-4 (Jesus' anointing given to April; the mission).

We have not been given a vision to accomplish through human determination and grit.  We're called by God to steward a calling, an anointing, a farm for God's glory manifested on the earth.  Pray for us and believe in the unfolding of the greatest days in human history.  Selah.  Alleluia.

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