Tuesday, January 12, 2016

(Rocky) Mountain High

Remember your word to your servant, to which you have made me hope.  This is my comfort in my distress, that your promise gives me life.
- Psalm 119: 49, 50
One morning prior to Christmas, I read Hannah's story in 1 Samuel.  She was imploring to the Lord in prayer for a child.  Eli comforted her and prophesied over her the Lord would grant her the request.  After Samuel was born and given to the Lord to serve in the temple, Hannah praised God in song.  One of the phrases that caught me in her praise was, He will guard the feet of his faithful ones . . ." (1 Samuel 2: 9a).  Other translations of this verse interpreted feet as steps.

Earlier that day, Bob Hazlett posted on Facebook - 
When your steps are ordered by God, the journey should be a delight.  Most of the difficulty we face in our journey is not when we enter a new path, its when we try to stay on the old one too long.  Your journey is about to get very exciting. . . .  Look ahead and be happy.

April and I bought shoes on clearance earlier this week.  This occurred back on Sand Mountain.  We drove there as a day trip and as a journey to hear the Lord speak in familiar places.  Were we returning to old paths and not new ones?  Were our steps still ordered by God?  Were we entitled happily to exciting journeys?

From my post last January, These Hallelujahs Be Multiplied, I wrote what I believed we were in store for in '15.  Our praise and worship was to punctuate what the Lord was to say and do.  

There will be the multiplication of expressions of praise this year.  There'll be moments, periods, prolonged times of worship and experiences of the Lord's presence. . . .  We will be challenged to focus on what's been promised and declared and to never forget the vision conveyed to us individually and corporately.  There will be combat and resistance, but those who stay devoted to the end will receive the prize.  

2016 is a new year.  Praise and focus will continue to be our expressions and grounding this year.  

Last Sunday night at work, in a moment when I was alone, I declared out loud to God we were due to step into our destiny.  Based on some recent and not-so-recent words and visions and dreams, I called our God to remember what he'd said to his servants (Psalm 119: 49) - April will speak with a light in her mouth from platforms built for her; she has fire in her hands for healing as a fire starter; I'm on the verge of taking a step off into an abyss of a deep, deep calling in God.  

I read from Psalm 85 the next morning,  Let me hear what God the Lord will speak (vs. 8a).  I prayed this phrase that morning believing the Lord will speak, and we'd hear.  

The next day at work, I heard a noise that seemed to me to be a tone or a note.  Immediately, I heard in my mind and spirit that same noise as the first note in the song, Rocky Mountain High.  The song in my spirit took off.  It brought me joy.  Throughout the rest of the day, I felt the Lord's presence as I sang the song to myself or recollected phrases in verses or the chorus, I believe I heard the Lord speak.

I listened to the song in the car on my way home.  I teared up again, felt the Lord's presence and great joy.  

Two days later, April and I drove to Sand Mountain.  She said she needed to leave Anniston for the day and recapture the vision of stewarding a portal for God's presence on Sand Mountain.  She didn't know what we'd experience once we got there.  She'd feel perhaps the same darkness and depression as in the past, but it was necessary to go.

As we traveled on US 431entering Gadsden, I prayed out loud for us to hear the Lord's voice, for us to experience what God wants us to know and encounter.  I then asked April if she had felt anything.  She said she hadn't.  I told her I felt something shift.  We'd come out from under an umbrella, of sorts.  

On the other side of Gadsden and beginning to ascend the mountain, April felt joy.  Depression left her, and there was an expectation of the environment welcoming our return.

In Albertville, we went to get something sweet at a local bakery.  We were making our choices of what we wanted at the counter.  After deciding, I suddenly felt God's presence with joy and tears.  We paid for our sweets and returned to the car.  In the driver's seat, I prayed out loud, "Do you want us to pray some place?'  I then said, "We want what you want - heaven to earth on Sand Mountain and Eden revisited where there's freedom and your presence."

After driving on lots of familiar streets and noticing many changes, we ended up at our favorite coffee shop on Sand Mountain.  We went in for hot beverages, sat in the back room and debriefed for a bit.  We affirmed, agreed and declared things we discovered through God's presence between us on this day trip to Marshall County.

The mountain is waiting for us to come back.  The angels have gathered and been busy.  We've invested in this mountain with prayers over the years for its prosperity and revival.  There's evidence on this visit of growing prosperity and new construction which could mean angelic activity and some answered prayers.

April said in the past she felt she needed to rescue this mountain, and that frustrated her.  "How could that ever happen?"  Now, because of what she saw, heard and sensed, this place doesn't need to be rescued.  We agreed that afternoon, as we had before, "Lord, if your presence isn't there, don't take us back to the mountain."  What is promised to us remains far beyond anything we could think or imagine. The mountain is waiting for us to come back.

We bought our shoes in Boaz.  I told April I felt this was a prophetic act of clothing our feet (our steps) with the preparation of the gospel of peace.  Alleluia.  New shoes for a new day.  New shoes for a renewal of calling and a pending journey that will be very exciting.

The next morning, we continued talking about yesterday.  Rocky Mountain High continued to echo in my spirit.  It was important for the Lord to give me that song earlier in the week to prepare us and inspire us to return to the mountain where we're called.

Rocky mountain high
I've seen it raining fire in the sky
You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply
Rocky mountain high

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