Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Fight & A Birth

Without details needing to be shared, its been a fight in the Spirit this week.  Discouragement, degrees of hopelessness and clear uncertainty have shown themselves.  We continue to pray for the Lord to be merciful.

When I was a kid, fights were more pushing matches, trash talk and shouting contests.  We seldom came to blows.  Fights with my older brother amounted to me sucker punching him on the basketball court. I was the hot head.  He was the mature one or simply ignored my idiotic, immature rants and ravings.  When I did engage in a couple fights in school, rage seemed to work best.  I'd scream and holler and hope to intimidate rather than hurt.  It worked, but I'd feel guilt and shame soon after and apologize even when I knew I was justified in defending myself.  Weird.

Wanting a physical altercation with the neighborhood bully seems to describe best how I felt this week. I'm a guy. When things are like they were this week, I wanted to rant, rave and fight. April wanted to cry.  

Spiritual warfare is emotional and internal. So often, the enemy will strike me strategically where I'm vulnerable.  In reaction, so often, I've tried rage as my strategy. I'd just get mad. I don't even feel better afterward after fighting in the flesh.  Sitting down on a stool like a boxer in his corner, I hope the bell doesn't ring and summon me back into the contest.  I'm tired.

On St. Patrick's Day, Ryan LeStrange, a prophet from Virginia, shared this word.  Though I might had been reeling from three rounds with an enemy that reveled in my shadow boxing in rage that wore me out, this word centered and encouraged me to be still and wait on the Lord.

This has been such a season of divine shifting individually and corporately. I am reminded of the many times in prayer that I have seen visions of a giant checker board and The Lord moving the pieces around. Things are coming into divine alignment.

One of the things that will occur right before a shift is a growing sense of discomfort. You will become so uncomfortable where you are. This often creates feelings of frustration. It is imperative that you have prophetic perspective or you may misinterpret what you are experiencing. The pain that you are feeling may very well be growing pains! There is a birthing to release you into the ‪shift‬. The enemy wants to pull you off the birthing table. You must discern the times/season that you are in. The pains are most likely an indicator of the intended shift. Discern it, hold fast to the prophetic words and navigate it.

I claim eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that navigates!

He nailed it.  There've been feelings of frustration and discomfort in me which was manifested in anger. Being still and trusting the Lord is moving things around into divine alignment and discomfort is part of the birthing process helps me.  Sitting up and crying or standing up and flailing away gets us out of the birthing position or off the table completely.  Lord, grant us mercy.

After a projected labor/season of warfare, a woman may not have the strength to push on the birthing table.  April said to me after hearing Ryan's word, "The Holy Spirit has to be our midwife."

Knowing bouts with discouragement and frustration are part of this season helps me.  We've heard things in the Spirit recently that gave us heightened expectations.  Last week's counter attack by the enemy caught us flat footed.   We've surrendered our fears along with our expectations to the Lord, and we'll trust in the birthing process.  

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