Friday, April 1, 2016

Two Owls

I'm a huge advocate in encouraging folks to listen for the Lord's voice.  In addition, I believe in this endeavor one should anticipate the Lord speaking in languages we already understand and value. 

April dreamed recently.  We had two infants in our hands.  One was perfectly formed.  One was orange in color and not fully developed, but as large as the other.  In April's research, the color orange in dreams often means perseverance.  Certain clarity about this dream image didn't come until she listened to a recent sermon from Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  He spoke about perseverance.  Those in difficult times shouldn't abandon it, and those in times of favor and prosperity shouldn't fail to persevere, either.  With that, April caught it.

We've persevered through tough times.  We've known our season changed.  We're now in a season of favor.  The undeveloped infant is still ours.  Our perseverance in this season of favor will bring about this infant's full development just as our perseverance of continued worship and belief and pursuing God's face in tough times of lack and symbolic imprisonment brought about the first child's development.  Infants usually mean, but not limited to, new opportunities and responsibilities. Two infants for two different seasons.

Last Sunday in church, as we sang and worshiped the Lord, several images came to mind which I won't document here.  I sensed the Lord's presence and then his pleasure for us.  He impressed on me he's very pleased with us.  I was overwhelmed with joy and laughed out loud.  I like laughing out loud by the Lord tickling me with his pleasure.  Alleluia.

Yesterday, I woke and prepared for work with a sense of discouragement.  I read the morning psalms from the Daily Office desperately looking for a word of encouragement.  Psalm 99: 6 says, Moses and Aaron were among his priests, Samuel also was among those who called on his name. They cried to the Lord, and he answered them.  They called on the Lord AND he answered them.  That helped me.  I prayed throughout the day for me to hear and see like Moses and Aaron did.

Before too long, the simple promise given to April and me years ago came to me of things far beyond what we could think or imagine will come to us in ministry.  This promise was given to us from two different witnesses weeks apart years ago.  

In February, I read from Genesis 41 where Joseph interpreted Pharoah's dreams.  Joseph told him, And the doubling of Pharoah's dream means that the thing is fixed by God, and God will shortly bring it about (41: 32).  The two witnesses of the same promise were brought back to me yesterday.  I was strongly encouraged to believe again it's fixed by God.  All of it will happen.  Alleluia.

After work, April and I went to get some gasoline and a few things at the store.  We arrived back home.  In the driveway, I looked at her and said we're about to experience things far beyond what we can think or imagine.  As we continued to sit in the car, we heard the hoots of one owl to our right, then we heard other hoots from our left.  They continued back and forth a couple more times.  I then noticed a silhouette of what looked like to me something that was perched in a tree just along the tree line in the backyard.  I slowly got out of the car and made my way carefully through the yard until I knew for certain it was our owl from the right.  It then looked to its left and flew off.  So cool.

The Lord speaks to me in subtle ways, even through birds - hawks, eagles, and, now, owls.   I guess its a language I value (like pop and rock songs).  The owl in prophetic language symbolizes wisdom and craftiness.  I believe in hearing two of something is fixed by God and seeing one which I hadn't before mirrors my prayer to learn to see and hear when the Lord shows and speaks.  

I'm praying daily for the Lord to teach me to hear and see when the Lord speaks and shows.  Someone may say sincerely I don't need to pray this because it appears I'm already hearing and seeing as God speaks and shows to me.  Well, I guess I believe the spirit of what is conveyed in Zechariah 10: 1, Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain.  I'm asking for an increase in gifting without anxiety in a time when its raining.  

Lastly, and I think so much of this comes down to this, I came to the belief recently in asking for an increase in spiritual sensitivity is a desire to know the Lord more of his heart and in his presence.  I ask for your prayers in this journey, and I'll pray for an increase in your desire to know the Lord more, as well.  May the Lord bless you.

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